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Worms Armageddon Free Download is an action, strategy, and platformer game for PC. In this game, you’ll have different weapons, and you take to win the conflict. Every competitor will list the whole time when will help for the other. Choose wisely your relocation. The term worms in this sport is a figurative language that depicts the enemy n the match.


  • That is a fighting game that you can play with multiple players. Here is a game that is easy and intuitive for all users, even if you have never played this game in your life. It comes with a great combination of visual impressions, so it takes a while for the programmer to make sure the application’s graphics fit.

How to Worms Armageddon Free Download:

It is part of the Arcade class and is licensed as shareware for Windows programs. The Insect Armageddon demo will make available to all software users as a free download with possible restrictions. You can compare it to the full edition. Tick above the button up and download it.

How to Play Worms Armageddon Free Download:

We, Armageddon fans, will continue making online battles with lots of players from different countries. In comparison, the World Party lovers will look with pity and sadness at their empty server. But to participate in the network battles. you first need to pass the training course.

Let’s begin with the most comfortable controls. 

All do notable clear to agree.  But I’d still like to take a moment to mention it.

Several types of jumps exist:

  • Jump Upwards Jump Backflip Small Backflip and the Backward Jump. To walk backward, you need to hold the “Shift” key. To make your Worm think, press the “T” key. Among the weapons, there is a tool called “Select Worm.” To work it, you initial visit to smooth the “Spacebar” and earlier the rolling signs.


  • It appears on top of the Worm, press “Tab.” The game includes various protection, and it’s not available to always keep them among a mouse. So it’s better to choose them with the F1-F12 keys. With the “1-5” keys, you can set the grenades/bananas’ timer and with the “-/+” keys.


  • You can set the bounciness level. With the “Insert” key, you can configure the background detail level. The “Delete” key configures the info labels that show up above worms. And with “Alt+Delete,” you can toggle the transparency of these labels. It should be used when labels overlay the landscape.


  • While playing on big maps, sometimes you don’t see what’s happening around you. For example, it confuses you when you want to hang the rope to a wall that is not visible on the screen. A “Ctrl+Home” combination is undoubtedly useful in such situations. And generally, there are a lot of key combinations and other things, of course.


  • But you do not waste your time. I’d recommend you to visit this site. You’ll find much more information there, and also utilities, mods, patches, and anything you want. And right now, I’ll start a half-hour lesson on the usage of every type of weapon. Get some popcorn. There’s a LOT to watch!


  • Besides the usual shots, you can make Bazookas skim on water, and in case of a strong wind, you can fire it far away. Using the bazooka, you can perform the following Glitch (or a bug), call it as you wish. As you see, the missile looks like it’s stuck in a worm and is going to explode after 8 seconds.


  • To reproduce this Glitch, you need to be standing at a particular height. To be at the necessary size, you need to climb a worm two steps up—first step and then second. Then at an angle of 90 degrees, shoot the rope to the roof, press “ENTER,” and go away.


  • If you learn to calculate this height better, you can place the bazooka directly on the floor. But here, it’s required that your Worm is at a distance from the ground at approximately 1 pixel. But putting bazooka on the floor isn’t anything more than a show-off for noobs.


  • Since this Glitch is practically useless and rarely used, it uses the same principle as a bazooka. You can fire it far away, use the Glitch above, and fire it through the water; but, you need to be careful with the shooting power. Otherwise, the missile will disappear. And you can again fire it from a jetpack or a rope. Mortar has a little feature – you can’t shoot it at an angle of 90 degrees.


  • That is because, in Worms 2, which was released two years earlier, you could kill a worm just with one shot using this technique, thus ruining the balance of the game. Oh well, our Glitch works with mortar too. If you are bored, you can beautifully suicide by climbing on an oil drum and shooting artillery into it at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.


  • There is nothing new here. Glitch is firing far away, and well, that’s all heap Launcher isn’t wrong when used with Low Gravity, which increases its flying range. Also, you can perform a glitch with this weapon. However, it is a little different way. First fall on the enemy worm to take the same position as him.


  • Then shoot the rope at an angle of 90 degrees and rise to such a level that you’d cover the enemy worm’s eyes, choose Sheep Launcher, press “ENTER,” and go away. I want to remind you that a grenade has a selectable timer and bounciness from the ground. And after some training, you can hit your target practically anywhere.


  • Just as five-timer seconds are enough, also, if you catch a grenade with your Worm in the air, you can fly a little distance without taking any damage. But this trick is relatively difficult to perform, so ignore it, but have it in mind. The principle of this weapon is that all its shards fly upwards.


  • And if all of them hit the Worm, they can cause it fatal damage. But why do shards fly upwards? In that same Worms 2 game, the developers made a mistake like with the mortar. The chips of this grenade were flying downwards, so if you just put it on top of a worm, you’d kill him.


  • Again, this brings significant imbalance to the game. In WA, you should place a Cluster Bomb under a worm’s tail when it is on a slope. If you did everything right, then the Worm will earn significant damage. However, it’s not sure that this kills him. And if you place it too high or, otherwise, low.


  • Then you’ll see what happens. Also, in some situations, when the enemy worm is standing on your head, you can place a Cluster Bomb below your legs. Yes, of course, you’ll be seriously hurt; but your enemy will suffer a lot more. Also, you can fly with a Cluster Bomb. Banana is the favorite weapon of noobs.


  • Throw it, and it’s going to be fun. And it’s the most powerful on the indestructible maps. This weapon cuts a worm’s health in half. 100 hp to 50, 200 hp to 100, however, 101 hp only to 51, because of the odd number.


  • And if a worm only has one hp, he dies. Also, I’d like to mention that the ax has a range that allows attacking worms through walls. Once you activate this weapon, all the objects (i.e., worms, mines, oil drums) start sliding around the map randomly.


  • And if you forgot to hide in a pit, trouble is unavoidable. With a shotgun, you can plop worms standing on girders, shooting at an angle of a bit less than 180 degrees. Imagine this situation: there are two girders levels; you knock the enemy worm from the top girder, but you can’t reach the bottom one without jumping down and getting fall damage, thus losing the turn.


  • You’ll try shooting him from above, of course, but you won’t manage to plop him. In such situations, I recommend you first enable Low Gravity and only then attack with a shotgun. And, don’t be afraid, gently fall and finish the task.


  • Sometimes when aiming at the enemy worm, the landscape doesn’t let you shoot straight, and it’s stupid to shoot at your legs. So we do the following: while holding “Shift” down, we slightly move backward, and once we are at the edge, safely attack him. And that’s not all.


  • Since the Shotgun can shoot twice per turn, you can first open the terrain and use the second shot to attack the enemy. You can also knock mines with the Shotgun. Sometimes the map is generated so that there are places where the terrain is 1 pixel in width.


  • And as you see, you can shoot through it. Then You can shoot down oil drums from girders, which allows you to deal more damage to your enemy on the next shot. Also, sometimes you need to sacrifice one Worm for the win. In this situation, we have an enemy worm with 65 hp; however, the Shotgun can only do 25 hp max damage per shot.


  • And if we shoot him a 2nd time, he stays alive. But there’s a little trick. We climb on the enemy worm and shoot at our legs. And since our Worm has just 15 hp, it will kill the enemy with his death explosion. 25hp (1 shot)+25hp(2 shot)+25hp(explosion)=75 hp damage Using this tactic.


  • You can win with two seriously injured worms. Since Handgun does six shots in a long interval, it can hit multiple targets at once. Sometimes there are situations when, after killing an opponent, he slides down and exterminates you by self-detonating. But this situation can be avoided by using the Handgun.


  • With the help of Uzi, you can knock multiple worms into the water without problems. Or even throw the opponent up in the air if he was standing on a slope. And if there was an instant mine lying nearby, it’s even more useful. It’s almost the same as Uzi, except it’s twice as powerful.


  • It’s pretty useful to dig the landscape. And if the opponent is stuck in a corner, you can deal him with 100 health damage. As you’ve just seen, the original name contains the word “LONG,” and yes… the arrow flies for a long time, even infinitely. It will only fall when it reaches the end of the map.


  • The longbow is very useful for knocking mines. And, to say, its main feature is it can use it to block your opponent. Arrows that are stuck in the terrain become part of it. So, in the end, to get out of blockage, the opponent has to spend one turn, which is what you’d want.


  • After blocking, the enemy doesn’t get too happy, and if he isn’t an idiot, he will get you anyway. Sometimes you can’t reach the wanted place by jumping, you miss a tiny bit, but as I said before when an arrow is stuck inland, it becomes part of it. Use this wisely. Also, the longbow is pretty useful to knock the opponent.


  • And unlike the Shotgun, you can use it in a close range without injuring yourself. By remembering all these tips, you can perform such combinations. It’s even more useful to knock the enemy to water from a slope. However, I don’t recommend doing this on a grassy landscape. Otherwise, may stick the Worm in the grass.


  • It’s useful to knock mines, destroy the landscape, collect crates to get the enemy through the ground. Also, we can use it to build a stairway, as shown. However, you’re currently seeing that the Worm performs multiple attacks during the same turn. Here is done with the help of the Rubber room module, which has to be downloaded separately.


  • And without this module, you’d have to spend like five turns for this. This kind of weapon doesn’t necessarily have to be used in close range. It also works at a distance. It’s useful to knock mines. Or to plop an enemy by bouncing it off a wall. Sometimes this bounce prevents plopping the opponent.


  • So here’s another trick: If the enemy is on an abrupt slope, throw him in the air with a backflip, and then use the dragon ball from there. Using this weapon, you can plop all worms standing in a line without problems. And like this Or like this Lots of methods.


  • And if the opponent is too far from the water, it doesn’t mean that he can not plop him! Using this weapon, you self-detonate, leaving a poisonous cloud after you. It’s pretty useful to waste on the opponent before quitting the game. Imagine you need to knock the enemy into the water.


  • But there’s a little ledge. Where is the prod useful? Apart from knocking, the opponent gets slightly thrown up, which lets it overcome the ridge. Of course, you can hit mines with the prod. And if the enemy has you blocked in a corner, you’ll be able to knock him and get out.


  • The majority of newbies use dynamite absolutely without thinking of their opponent. But if you put it correctly at the edge of the Worm’s head, you can plop him even from the middle of the map. Together with Low Gravity, it’s even more comfortable. But sometimes, part of the terrain prevents the Worm from drowning, so here you should know about such thing as a ricochet.


  • When you learn all the nuances, the trajectories of flying, you will be able to send your enemy to wherever you need. But Worms: Armageddon is such a game that even if you plan every step to 100%, something may still go wrong. Either like this, either otherwise.


  • And if you’re not getting much into details, you can plop the enemy when it’s close to water. Thanks to its power, you can knock the enemy with the explosion even through the wall. Of course, it can also be done with another type of weapon, but don’t go too far. It’s the same as dynamite, just less powerful.


  • And often, its power is insufficient, so you have to use it in combination with low gravity. But that’s not the idea of a Mine. It’s a pretty good strategic weapon. Imagine a situation where a thin wall is separating you from your enemy. You have exploded the wall but also lost the turn.


  • And the enemy attacks you first. And you lose. What to do to withdraw from such a site? And if your opponent doesn’t come up with any tactic during his turn, we act gently towards the mine to demolish it and immediately run away.


  • So we have cleaned our way to the enemy and can attack him first. But only in the case, the opponent didn’t do anything in his previous turn. He can use your mine against you, and your genius plan will fail. I learn that operating online. I went into a difficult place. Sudden death had arrived, and I had only one Worm against two enemy worms.


  • But this Mine tactic saved me. The opponent, having less estimated the situation, began to approach me ruthlessly. After calculating a simple combination of actions, I attacked. They were having approx. The same explosion power as the dynamite can also plop worms from the middle of the map.


  • It’s capable of going into tight cracks, as some other types of weapons. Also, the Sheep can collect crates, like all other animals.

Worms Armageddon Free Download Features:

Works with Windows variants Users option!

It’s crazy to believe that initially, Worms Armageddon will be a growth for Worms 2! I’m glad they didn’t go down this path since it is among the most fun games of its creation. I know a few people who’d have this in their best games of record, and that I could see why!


The Life Of A Worm Armageddon Free Download!

  • In most respects, when you’ve played with the 2 Worms games that came before it, then you understand what the deal is here. Worms Armageddon includes tribes/armies or anything you would like to consult with them as of Worms waging war with one another.


  • The assumption is dumb and crazy, but the sport is entirely self-aware, and it’s an excellent sense of humor. It’s the sort of game that’s impossible not to grin, even if you blew your favorite Worm to smithereens!


Show Us Your Teeth!

The game has a whole lot of character in each aspect. The demonstration is quite like that which we had with Worms two, but I believe that things are somewhat sharper all around here. The Worms themselves possess a little more detail, and they have as much character as always.

Easy Customization:

That can be made even more so once you customize them the way you need, mainly how they talk. The backgrounds and degrees are delicate and vivid for the most part and have a sort of animation effect to them I enjoyed. While I enjoyed the funny voice samples Worms Armageddon provides, the audio did begin to get on my nerves after a time.


Absolutely Everything!

I love how packaged with game modes that are. You get a single-player effort in which you must take on several different assignments. These generally have some predetermined game style or health problem for one to take care of it.

Variety of Weapons:

you can utilize some of the interesting new weapons and provide you with a better comprehension of how the game functions. I strongly suggest that you do so for all those new to the show because it teaches you how to play with it, but it does it in a fun and funny way.

Multiplayer Game Worms Armageddon Free Download


  •  I can not show you accurately how several hours I spent during my school years playing with my friends (the PlayStation 1 variant). It’s the sort of multiplayer game in which you’re always having fun, even when you’re on a massive losing streak, it’s impossible not to have a fantastic time enjoying this.


  • I adore the show in general. However, I’d probably rank this match in the exact best or number two. It’s very, very well made, and whether it will require you to consider what it is you do. I adore how the programmers never lost sight of the pleasure element. It simply oozes character, and even people that generally don’t like plan fashion games will delight in this.


  • Worms Armageddon Free Download is the most excellent PC game. This game requires some knowledge about worms and the game mechanics. If you ever encounter any problems along the way, there’s always help available in forums, so you won’t have any trouble finding that either!


  • You can enable and disenable the audio system so that you’ll always have an alert just if you are likely to make a wrong move. Your function is to navigate the stage such that you conceal from the toxic weapons that appear in the port.


  •  It’s a tool that all programmers praise since the programmer took time to ensure it provides value for their money a moment. In reality, this series of the game is accompanied by an excellent update utility to make sure to have no interruptions when you perform it.


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