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Liero Download is a very addictive game like downloading insects. It’s actually a two-player game, but you can play against the computer. You are a worm trying to kill each other. Make tunnels to reach others. It has many different weapons, and it can be a game that you can go through.


  • This is also a game in which 2 bugs destroy some dirt using big nukes and 0 reload time. This game is most satisfying executed with a gamepad. Two gamepads need for two-player mode. It is a real-time scrolling death game. Finnish developer Joosa Riekkinen made it in 1998.


How to Liero Download:


This is a freeware for PCs or laptops with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It has a level compiler so you can build your own level. You can download it on our site. Download link is available on above of the page.


Liero Download Features:


The Zany Battles


Face up to 7 AI opponents in this variant or go on the internet. We can match wits with other players to determine that type of worms will reign supreme! Comparable to the viral Worms two, you may enjoy the zany battles.


Like Worms, but Real-Time!


Master over 40 weapons in this hectic real-time battle! If you’ve got a sensitive character and don’t enjoy a good struggle, game Extreme may not be for you. This game is for people who like games where you have to battle your way to supreme supremacy!




Select your game as you may be playing for a while (very addicting) trying to conquer underground.


Games based on DOS


Games based on DOS interface. It might not present the rich graphics that contemporary 3D games have. But the shortage in graphics doesn’t diminish such games’ pleasure and engagement. It can describe better as a war game on the world of worms.


Superb Feature


This game’s superb feature is that. It allows the participant to play the artificial intelligence (AI) feature. You play online by competing with other users across the globe.




Back in Liero Download, two worms fight each other to death for dent. You are using a choice of five firearms by a total of 40 at a yearlong map. The majority of the terrain, except for slippery rocks. It might be dug or destroyed by explosions. Besides the weaponry, every player has a ninja rope that may move faster throughout the map

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