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DX-Ball Download is a trial version of the Windows game. It belongs to the group of Personal Computer games with subcategory Classics. That game has made Longbow. It is available for consumers with the OS Windows and previous versions. You can take it in English. It is a graceful game. During play, it takes less space instead of other games.


How to DX-Ball Download:


You can download it from our site. Click on the button above and download DX-Ball. In general, this can be a tool that comes in handy for the management of any brick game. The console inside the platform. DX-Ball is a license as freeware for either Personal Computer. It’s in the arcade category and is available to all software users as a free download.


Features of DX-Ball Download:




2- hot-seat multiplayer mode


3-board-set selection


  • The show also has two original Power-Ups, “Kid Mode”. Which is easy to use and has plenty of seating along with SideWinder sound? DX-Ball 2 also features a selection of boards. That allows attendees to choose between different board clips.


  • The display of this presentation is filling with 24 bulletin boards. We divided into six sets of 4 search tabs. More card packs will install for extra boards. While the first set of panels can expand to 25 boards for up to 150 boards. While five cards were issuing for the show, Rival Ball won DX-Ball 2 in 2001.


How to use DX-Ball Download:


  • Now I am talking about video games. I thought I’d share an old favorite with you that game. That I love to play I still play at this great game. Now it’s called DX ball. Now if you remember the old breakout games. Where you could have a ball in the pedal and him against bricks on the screen? This is the same thing that adds a little bit more arcade to it now DX ball.


  • And super DX poor is both also available to download. But they’re not free and this is free. It’s one of those arcade addicted addicting games. You end up playing it braises .it’s good. So I’m going to start it and show you some gameplay. You’ll see that we’ve got some of the power-ups. Now the blue ones that the ones that you want and the red ones the ones.


  • You don’t want to. And then you’ve got expand paddle shrink paddle and smoky ball split ball multi-board. So I’ll show you a couple of levels my top score on this is about 40,000. So if you compete 40,000 then organized screenshot. It or something and show because it is line up with 23 or something. I can’t remember now but you see the little ones. They’re blowing there as they can destroy the ones around them.


  • So that expands paddle by hangul enough time against that because, to be honest! I’m not a big fan of like things like ps3 games and Xbox 360 games. I know they can be fun but I forgot Japan the number of people in charge of the games and the console. I know it’s like the super graphical parallel output to me. Games are all about gameplay and know about the actual graphical power of the console.


  • so you see I got that power-up. I can put this row on and risk and click. it will go where I want it to so that makes it a lot easier. That is a slow ball. but I don’t need that because that shrinks my plat this is my favorite one. now I can shoot my own bricks so you can have an oops. I know Oh hit the bong thing. you can have a multitude of you can have more than one power.


  • I won’t go into anymore. You can see I fail with this level managed to lose my life on the second level. that’s painful. So I am especially yet trying this game that is great. I mean if you’ve got some time anyway try out. it’s a good game very addictive game and I do find myself playing this myself. it sounds I sound I actually play this quite a bit when I have some spare time.


  • it’s the old classic stuff. And one more thing is I noticed that people are getting charged for things. These sorts of games on the PSP and stuff like that. I don’t understand why people get charged but then again. This is my opinion so don’t say my opinion. I don’t take it even so that’s about it thanks for reading my article on dx-ball.




  • DX-Ball Download is a very good window game. It has a variety of colored bricks. It’s a brick game so bricks are the mainstay and we play with different blocks of bricks. In this game, you arrange the bricks and get a score. The sound and alarming system are powerful. and ideal for handling different toolkits.


  • In reality, you’ll adore the graphical presentation of the icons along with the value of it. It comes complete as a plank pack to permit. You can operate and handle each of the functions of the application and processes. So we can say it’s a very good game. I love it very much. So you can download and enjoy the game with full features.
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