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Microsoft Visio Professional Free Download is a vector images tool. That assists one to draw diagrams. It’s professional software. They could use it to draw flowcharts, diagrams, and schematics in a business atmosphere. We are providing several ready-made drawing templates, using an intuitive workflow. Let us see all of the key important tools to beginning working with it.


  • Before denominated Microsoft Office Visio. It’s between the multiple commercial applications from there for the drawing. It is light to install on your PC and handle its functionalities. It is a trialware so that you can manage it for open during a confined time. But, you’ll require to get its favor if you would like to maintain applying it when the trial has terminated.

How to Microsoft Microsoft Visio Professional Free Download:


It is a part of the text editors/documents category. It can You can use it as a free trial before the trial period will end. The Microsoft Visio Professional demo is available to all computer software. The users as a free download with possible reserves. They compared it with the entire edition.


Microsoft Visio Professional Free Download Review:


  • Microsoft Visio is a specialist software. You use to draw They offer several readymade drawing templates, using an intuitive workflow. Let’s see all the key significant tools to begin working with it.


  • When you start Visio, this shows the page that is tabbed, using a list Of many new documents. That uses different kinds of templates. You use business flowcharts for architectural objects and technology projects. To understand how to use Visio, let us start with a blank document, by heading to Blank Drawing.


  • The brand new Visio drawing begins from a blank page sheet, with Rulers and Grids. That you’ll be qualified to expose or protect from the Show tab at the top. All these are utilizing to draw more on the button, and also won’t render in case you export or print your work.


  • Additionally, under the Design tab, use Orientation to fix the page vertically Or and utilize Size to choose the page dimensions, between several standard page formats, or a custom one by heading to Page Sizes… After fixing the attributes of the page, you should begin drawing by using the Visio tools.


A Visio drawing composed of three main Sorts of items:


  • The Shapes, the Connectors, and the Text. The Shapes are objects Used to represent a topic, apart, or a logo. It can be very simple. Additionally, it may represent a pc, a motor, a pump, or an electric transistor.


  • These are the principal subjects of your undertaking. The Connectors are Simple cables that join two or more Shapes. Those are basic to show that the Connection involving the Shapes. They are providing a clear Representation of this topic. The text used to Describe Shapes and add notes and labels to make your drawing better.


  • When you start drawing, it is always better to start from the Shapes. On the far left, you have the Shapes panel, which collects all the different Shapes. It available inside Visio by default, all collected inside different sections, called Stencils.


  • You can choose the topic. They interested in, and find the right Shape, and then click and drag this on your page to import a copy. You can also create fully-customized Shapes. On top, in the Tools section, use the rectangle button to draw a simple rectangle on your page.


  • We are using the right arrow. You can draw Circles, freehand Curves, and Arcs, by clicking and dragging on your page. To check your drawing, remember to zoom in and out by holding CTRL down and using your mouse wheel.


  • Once the Shapes will drop. You will connect them by drawing Connectors with the Connector tool. You enable this tool and hover on the existing Shapes. These will show several points, called Connection Points. They are anchor points. Where you can start drawing by clicking and dragging your wire from one Shape to another.


  • That creates a connection between the two Shapes. They can be adjusted by moving and dragging from their blue nodes. Keep in mind that Visio helps you at drawing. It does not check, at all, if your connections are correct. So double-check them before printing or exporting your drawing.


  • You can keep them ready-made Shapes. They can take from the default Stencils inside Visio. It comes complete with their Connection Points. You create new Shapes on your own. These won’t have any Connection Point at first, so these can’t work with the Connector tool.


  • To add and manage Connection Points, use the Connection Point tool. When this tool is enabling, you won’t work with the Shape or the Connectors. You can connect the Connection Points on them. When your pointer shows four arrows, you are hovering a Connection Point.


  • They can match and migrate to run that. Also, the Connectors attached to it will follow. To add new Connection Points instead, hold CTRL down, and click on the Shape path. They are showing in pink color. You can add Connection Points also on curves and connection wires.


  • They are creating your custom Shapes. We complete with their Connection Points. You can store them to manage whenever you want. You can create your Stencil by going to More Shapes, New Stencil. There all your Shapes drops here. Then right-click on your Stencil, and save it.


  • In this way, you won’t need to create your Shapes again in the future. Once your basic drawing is making. You can add annotations with the Text tool on top. They are Clicking and drag on your drawing to fix a text area. Which is the basic contour inside? That all your text content will contain.


  • You type in and select your text to edit it on top. They can adjust the font style, size, color, and distribution. It can click outside the text box to apply all. You create text in this way. It will be completely independent. But, if you double-click on an object, you can add text linked to it.


  • It is very useful if you want to add labels. This means that, if you edit and move the object, also its text follows. Let’s see now how to edit your objects on your page. Above, under the Home tab, you can use the Pointer Tool to manage and edit all your objects.


  • When you click on a Shape, a Connector, or a Text Box. You will select it, and several nodes appear on them. We can click and drag the object to move it. They use its white nodes to scale and use the Rotate icon to rotate. Under Shape Styles, you use Fill to add filling color on the selected object. They use Line to adjust the outline color, width, and line style.


  • You can use the effects to add great effects, such as glow, reflection, and shadow. You can also edit and personalize the connection wires. Use Line to change its color, width, and style, and add effects through Effects if you need. You can right-click on the connector. You can make the connector completely straight, or even curved.


  • They can edit the text linked to other Shapes. You can either double-click on the object or enable the Text Block tool to select it straight. You can cut, copy and paste an object, right-click on it. They can undo your latest actions. We use CTRL+Z. While you draw, Visio helps you at placing your objects in the correct position.


  • For example, if you move an object, you can move or only by holding Shift down. Also, by default, Visio snaps your pointer to the grids or fractions of it. To ignore all snapping, hold ALT down while moving. You can regulate the snapping settings by going to Visual Aids and opening the Snap & Glue dialog box.


  • Inside Visio, you can also insert pictures and tables. In the Insert tab, use Pictures to import a picture. You can adjust and edit it as seen for the Shapes. We can also adjust the picture appearance by going to Format under Picture Tools.


  • You can correct Brightness, Contrast, or add any Outline, or crop the image if you need. To add charts instead, use Chart under the Insert tab. This will use the Excel interface to edit and organize your chart and its data. Check out our graph video guide for Excel 2016 if you need more help on it!


  • Let’s see how to save and export your drawing from Visio! To save your drawing, just go to File and then to Save As… Visio Drawings. They can save in a .vsdx format. When you save this kind of file, you can open it at a later time to edit it again.


  • You want to render your drawing into a picture. We choose a picture format from the list, such as .png or a .jpg. They want to print your drawing. You go to File and then to Print. A preview will appear on the right. We are showing you how your Visio project is going to print.


  • You want to print your drawing consider using standard page sizes to have the best matching. They have the drawing size and your printer. You want to save it to share it online, go to Export, and save your drawing in .pdf.


  • When you save and export your drawing, also all the blank space inside your page will render in white. For this reason, consider using the Fit to Drawing feature to adapt the page to your drawing. you print the drawing on a standard page.


  • You can find Fit to Drawing in the Design tab, under Size. When you save and render, remember not to have any object selected. If you have any object selected, Visio will export it only, ignoring the rest of your drawing.

Microsoft Visio Professional Free Download Features:

The Microsoft Windows operating system supplies you with a huge collection. You can enjoy using its Microsoft Visio Features. 

Amazing Drawings:

It allows you to create amazing drawings. We have a layout with high resolution. It also comes with a Microsoft Office Graphical User Interface. Which makes it easier for its users. You can create and customize many types of visual presentations. 

Customize PowerPoint Slides:

You can make your customized PowerPoint slides using Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Visio has a significant part in enhancing your productivity. It has Microsoft Project. This feature permits you to manage and coordinate the tasks and projects.

Microsoft Project:

Which you want to achieve within a specified period. With the help of the Microsoft Project. You can present various kinds of information to your employees. Microsoft Visio has plenty of fascinating features. Which offers a wonderful chance to create, share and edit digital images.

Build Maps:

It helps you discuss your work with people all over the world. Microsoft Visio is Microsoft Office Map Builder. Which can be a simple yet useful tool. That enables you to build maps only. It also lets you publish your maps on the web.

More Attractive & Practical:

 The best thing about Microsoft Visio is the fact. That it comes with various add-ons. You are making it even more attractive and practical. You’re still unsure about installing Microsoft Visio. It has Characteristics on your computer. Then it’s possible to hire a professional. Who will set up the Microsoft Visio for you?


Microsoft Visio Professional Free Download provides an easy way to communicate your ideas. It allows you to create useful imagery like diagrams flowcharts. You can also make schematic drawings. You could even create your diagrams more live. Using Visio, you can catch a flowchart. They can create professional fine diagrams and add shapes and graphical tools.


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