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Keyboard Test Utility Download is an app. That will help you assess the status of your computer keyboard. It is a simple tool. That lets you check whether the keys you press are those read from your personal computer. While also listing the corresponding Virtual Key Codes and Scan codes.

  • In case you feel like your computer keyboard is not behaving the way it’s imagined to be. It has enabled you to inspect your computer’s health status whenever you find something questionable by it.

How to Keyboard Test Utility Download:

Keyboard Test Utility is a free trial software application. The form is currently obtainable in English. It has a record size of 2.53 MB and is available for download from our website. You can tick the Download switch over to begin. Until now, the program download.

Keyboard Test Utility Download Features:

 Keyboard Test Utility’s primary goal is to assist you in knowing what is wrong with your Keyboard. If at all anything is in the first place. To do this, it exhibits some attributes like the ones mentioned below.

Simple User Interface

The entire user interface consists of a visual display of a standard keyboard. Its design with virtual buttons that light up when users click their keyboard keys.

Diagnostic Screen

The modest diagnostic screen at the bottom will display electronic education. That’s delivered to the PC from the computer keyboard.

 Button Configuration

 The app supports swapping to reduced button configurations. It accommodates to better the requirements of consumers. Who doesn’t have the default keyboard layout on their laptop or laptop? ANSI, DP-72, and SL-91 are the layouts that support. Besides that, to display many colors of keyboards, the whole interface can alert.


The Keyboard Test Utility software tracks keystroke history. You can erase it by pressing the reset’ button, which is featured. 

Easy, Quick Diagnosis

It is an accessory analytical app’s simplistic nature. It enables users to spot the position of defective buttons. Download & Install Keyboard Test Utility for Windows PC. You can download Keyboard Test Utility for Windows PC. The most remarkable thing on the Keyboard. Test Utility means you don’t need to undergo the hassle of installing any software on your PC. You can review the fitness standing of your network.


Keyboard Test Utility Download is an easy to use Windows-based application. That allows users to check that all the keys on their computer keyboard are functioning. With this software, you can see the internal scan codes of the Keyboard. The down and up stroke of each key register. 

  • It is a highlight on a graphical image of a keyboard. Each time a key has pressed an assortment of state information. It’s updated in the window. Although desktop keyboards can replace, that’s not true for laptop computers. Where the Keyboard integrated into the computer itself?
  • The failure of a single key on a notebook computer could render the whole device useless. The keyboard test involves a detailed help file and language-independent. We are testing and using BIOS scan codes.


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