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PowerPoint Viewer Download is a tool that can see all PowerPoint file versions. It is simple software. That has a simple interface with relatively minimal attributes working on a stick and see variant. It enables you to see all PowerPoint demonstrations around the PowerPoint version.


  • Do not forget, you can view them in a format, but you cannot edit them. The tool comes in having an inbuilt update. It updates all the PowerPoint drives for better screening without any interruptions.


PowerPoint Viewer Download Review:


  • PowerPoint Viewer is an instrument capable of launching any presentation. You don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your device. They can open and view PowerPoint presentations in PPT and PPTX formats. You are able to have to pay for costly licenses or place them in a large Office package.


  • The program permits you to observe the info on full screen and zoom in on any point in the file. Should you need to print your files, it is possible to do this also. Accessing your data with no Microsoft Office accessible is no longer a problem.


  • PowerPoint The viewer is a little and completely free software. That provides users running all versions of Windows. Meanwhile, it has complete access to these viewing files. We can Make Microsoft’s PowerPoint from version 97. Until the newest edition of this Microsoft, PowerPoint application is released in 2010.


  • Although You cannot edit PowerPoint files, you receive complete access to printing, viewing, and PowerPoint Viewer registers itself Using all of the .ppt, .pot, and .pps file extensions. Only if a variant of PowerPoint isn’t installed on your computer.


When enrolled, double-clicking on those file types will start the Viewer.


How to Unlock Password Protected PowerPoint Presentation? Click Here!

  • They’re using a PowerPoint Viewer app installed on your computer. The users get immediate access to every PowerPoint document. They have their very own, without the necessity of buying an expensive MS Office package. The users may also unlock password-protected files.


  • If they understand the password, the program’s user interface is very reminiscent of the full version of this PowerPoint.


  • But all editing options are here removed. Users may open documents, see them and print them because it creates software engineers out of Microsoft. Everyone can make confident. that they took the best precautions in developing a rendering engine to eliminate each discrepancy between files.


  • We can Pack in PowerPoint and also the very same documents, which loaded with the app. This Instrument will show a 100% authentic version of this PowerPoint presentation.


How to PowerPoint Viewer Download:


This program provides the possibility to use as the default one. For Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer enrolls as the standard Applications if Microsoft Office isn’t found on the host PC. Smooth Navigation and printing options. page.

PowerPoint Viewer Download Features:


  • Braces graphics including animations.
  • I’m going to show you how to make this presentation slide in PowerPoint. Without wasting your time, let’s start creating. Here I have already taken a blank slide. So first, to change the background color. Go to design, click on form and background, and from here.


  • I will change the background color. Close it go to the home beaker rectangle shape, drag it over the slide, and now go to format click on shape fill. And change the color, then again go to shape outline, not outline this time. We can pick our top rounded corner rectangle drag. 


  • It over here increases the roundness a bit, rotates it, and places it in the exact middle of this rectangle. Now again, changes the color and remove the outline. After that pick, a text box drags it over this small rectangle. I’m typing the letter a select the text, change the font to dagger square. And increase the font size to 48 point change. 


  • The font color and make it Center now place this text box in the exact middle. Now we need to select this tool and press ctrl-g to group them. Then press control air to choose all these and holding ctrl shift drag. The left now changes this color from shape feel again, having ctrl shift drag. It to the left, it will duplicate also changes color.


  • I’m doing the same thing for the last time. After doing so, you need to organize this smaller group of shapes. That’s why I’m making them a bit upward and then change the letter and its color after changing all the letters. We’ll have something like this now.


  • We have to group them one by one, so first, select this to press ctrl G to group choose again this. – Press Ctrl G to the group do the same for this one and this one. So now we have four different groups of shapes from here. Select the first go-to format, click on the small icon go to effects.


  • And set the shadow preset offset right change the transparency to 49% size 100% blur 20 point keeping—the angle 0 degrees, and the distance 7 points here. You can see that a shadow has added to our first element. 


  • Now select the second one at the same preset change the transparency to 49% blur 20 point distance 7 points. We have to add the same shadow on the other elements. In this tutorial, I’m not going to show you how to make these infographic elements. So I’m copying and pasting them, plus it is here holding. 


  • The control buttons like this and press ctrl-g to grow now. Right-click on it, send it back, and then bring the second one to the right side. I’m copying this element and pasting it over here. Now place it here, select this – press ctrl Z to group right-click on.


  • It sends it backward again right-click on it. You send it back once again, being the third one to the right. We can copy this shirt, testing it over here, now select this. You can press ctrl G to group flat click on it, and send it backward for the last time being it. 


  • Here again, copying this element testing it over. Here select this – and press control Z to grow again. Place all these to the left side. We’ll add the animation one by one. First, select this one go to animation. Click on add animation from motion paths like lines from effect option select right.


  • Now drag this red dot to the right, keep it on click, and duration 1.25 seconds. Now select the second one, click on add animation. You choose lines again from effect options like a right drag. This red dot also set the duration at 1.25 seconds. Now select the third one, click on add animation select lines from effect options like a right drag.


  • This red dot to the right set the division one point to five seconds again. For the last time, select this one click on add animations like lines from effect options. You like right to drag this red dot and set the direction one point to five seconds. after that, from our previous slide, I’m copying these text boxes and pasting.


  • It here, and you did here. Our presentation slide is ready. You can download this template for free. Meanwhile, I’m given the download link in the video description. If you have enjoyed this tutorial, make sure you like and subscribe. This channel and don’t forget to share with your friends. You hope to see it in the next tutorial, and thanks for watching. 


Information Rights Management (IRM) presentations:


  • I’m going to activate it in SharePoint. You to make sure that this is available in SharePoint document libraries. Of course, I do that by going back into the admin Center for office 365. then finding the SharePoint admin Center.


  • And then you go into settings, and here’s the information rights management. As you see, the default setting does not use IRM for this tenant. But you do need to enable that and refresh IRM settings. Now it’s restored, so now I do have I RM., and when I have done that, click OK.


  • I can go into one of my sites. Let’s go to the sales department. And now I can go into the document library and go into library settings. And here’s my information rights management. They are the options for that document library. 


  • So I’m going to restrict my shelves in this library. I’m going to have a policy, and here are my options. You can see what you can do to protect your information era showed you. How to get started with it in SharePoint thank you for watching this demonstration.


 Embedded objects.


  • · how to embed external files in PowerPoint. First, let’s look at embedding excel sheets first. We want to go to the PowerPoint ribbon. Click insert, then go down to object click object. And we’ll be opening a Microsoft Excel worksheet. I’ve selected a file, and I’ll open it will say fake budget.


  • Here we’ll insert this dummy excel file. And there we have, let’s resize it a little bit and drag it over to the side. We have embedded an Excel document with graphs another way. You can do this is to insert a linked icon, which opens an external window with your excel sheet.


  • It begins with the same process. You click insert, and the PowerPoint ribbon goes over to object select from the file again. We will select our dummy budget. Here make the sure display as an icon set, and there you have it. Let’s make sure. We can read the text. 


  • So we’ll make the background of this white, and we want to make sure this excel worksheet links to the external file. And so we select to insert a hyperlink. And so we click to select the same file open OK. Now let’s see what that looks like when presented when I click the Excel worksheet. 


  • We see the Excel worksheet pops up with an external link next. Let’s consider how to embed Word documents. It begins with the same process go to the PowerPoint ribbon insert object Word document from a file. Here we’ll use this fake resume. 


  • We’ll insert we see here the contents of our document have posted. So let’s make the background of this image white. There we go again. You can also insert a linked icon insert an object word from the same document display as an icon. We want to make sure this is visible, so we make the background white.


  • And we want to make sure it links to the document. So we insert a hyperlink to the file of the resume in besides. We also want to be able to embed audio files. So we go to insert audio and for the sake of time. We’ll record a brief audio testing one two three. We’ll test the audio. 


  • It’s working. We want to show how this audio file can play. When clicked for so, we go to playback. It can start when connected. Or it can begin to and very. You can push the paint play and background, and you see this will hide the icon. 


  • It will loop until stopped as well, so let’s go ahead and copy and paste the nest. So it can play once or on a loop so let’s loop this one until it’s stopped .let’s see, and we know that it twisted and will only stop. When we click it, you also may want to display or hide it on your slide.


  • Let’s copy one more time and show what happens when we select the hide during the show. When you have chosen to hide during the show, you will want it to play. Let’s see what this looks like when presented. And we hear that it played in the background. Thank you for joining us to embed external files in PowerPoint for this tutorial.
  • we look forward to seeing you at a future event


  • The software registers itself with the .ppt, .pot, and .pps file extensions. If a version of PowerPoint is not installed on your computer. When registered, double-clicking on these file types will launch PowerPoint Viewer.




PowerPoint Viewer Download is a tool. That may observe all PowerPoint file versions supported on your computer. It is straightforward software with a simple interface. Meanwhile, it’s relatively minimal attributes working on a stick-and-see version.


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