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Microsoft Excel Free Download from here. It’s an electronic spreadsheet program. You can store and manipulate numerical and other data. It’s kind of like a limited database.  It does calculations and a lot of people find all kinds of interesting things to do with it. We could do all kinds of neat charts with it. People can make their own checkbook register. It is very useful for accounting purposes.

How to get Microsoft Excel Free Download:

  • I want to show you how you can get Microsoft Excel for free. When you’re on your Windows desktop open up a new browser window and then navigate to This is the entry point to office 365. What we’re going to do is click on sign-in in the center of the page. You could also click in sign click on sign on in the top right-hand corner and then enter your Microsoft account.
  • If you have an account to log into Windows!  You have a Skype account! And you have an Xbox account! You already have a Microsoft account. You could log in with that. If you don’t have a Microsoft account you could also click on create one down here. You’ll be able to create a new Microsoft account for free.
  • I already have an account. So I’ll go ahead and type that in and I’ll type in my password. And do I want to stay signed in sure why not let’s go ahead and click on yes? And here I am on office com. you’ll see a whole bunch of tiles of different apps. You have access to but the one we care about today is how to get to Microsoft Excel? I’m going to ahead and click on that option.
  • Here you’ll see the start page for Microsoft Excel. I can either start from a blank workbook. In it, you could also choose a template or a tour to get started and on the left-hand side. I have all my recent workbooks. I’m going to ahead and I’ll click on a new blank workbook. What can also call out is if you’ve been working on a spreadsheet.
  • What workbook on your PC. So you don’t have that in the cloud. What you could do is click on upload a workbook. And then you can upload that document into your one drive. And then continue working on it for free in Microsoft Excel on the web. What I’m going to do is I’ll click into a new blank workbook and you’ll see on my screen.
  • Microsoft Excel pops up I can enter. So let’s see I’m going to enter some values. I have access to all the same formulas. I’m used to on desktop clients. What I could also do is you can insert anytime? You can insert pivot tables here. I have pretty much all the same capabilities.  I’m used to on the desktop clients so kind of fully-featured. Microsoft Excel online and that’s how you use Excel for free. It doesn’t cost anything it’s completely legal.

Features of Microsoft Excel Free Download:

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Making sense of our data-rich planet is tough but vital. That’s the first of our Top 10 Microsoft Excel Features need significant. Used Conditional Formatting brings out the patterns of the world. As captured by your spreadsheet. That’s Microsoft Excel experts and Microsoft Excel users equal vote.


  • 1t is the most important feature. This is very complex.  But the most straightforward color changes can enormous beneficial. Suppose you’ve volumes offered by sales staff every month. The 3 clicks can uncover the top ten percent. It doing salespeople and tee a purposeful business conversation.


  • PivotTables

At 4 hours to get at skill, you may put off learning PivotTables, but don’t be. Use them to sort, count, total or average data stored in one big spreadsheet. It displays them into a brand new table, cut but you desire. That’s the critical thing here. If you want to wish to look only at revenue figures. It is for nations, product lines, or advertising and marketing channels, it’s trivial. Caution: make sure your information is clean!

  • Paste Special


Grabbing some data from one cell and pasting it into another cell. It is among the most typical actions in Microsoft Excel. You will copy (formatting, value, formulation, comments, etc.) and sometimes you won’t need to copy it all. The most typical example of this is the location. Where you would like to lose the formatting? The location this information is going is your own spreadsheet with your own styling.

  • Add Many Rows

The most often carried out tasks in spreadsheeting. Ctrl-Shift + is the shortcut. But it can take longer, so Right Click is what we recommend. If you want to add one or more, pick as many columns or rows as you’d like to add and that Right Click and add.

  • Absolute References


Indispensable! The dollar in front of the letter fixes the column. The dollar sign in front of the number fixes. The rows F4 toggles throughout the four possible combinations.


  • Print Optimisation

We all have problems printing from Microsoft Excel. But imagine if what you published were exactly what you intended to print. It IS actually possible. There are some components to this but a print preview, fit to one page. It adjusting margins, print selection, printing headers, portrait versus landscape and spreadsheet design. Invest the time to get comfy with it. You’ll be doing this task many, oftentimes in your working life.


  • Extend formula across/down


The beauty of Microsoft Microsoft Excel is its easy scalability. Get the formula right once. Microsoft Excel will churn the right calculation a million times. The crosshair that is is handy. Double-clicking on it may take all it the way down if you’ve continuous data. Occasion a copy and paste (either routine paste or paste formulas) will be faster for you.




Flash Fill Microsoft Excel developed a mind of its own in 2013. Say you’ve two columns of names and you need to build e-mail addresses from them all. Do it to the first row and Microsoft Excel will work out. What you believe and do it for the rest. Pre-2013 this was possible. But, depending on a combination of functions. This is a lot faster and WILL impress people.




  • This is among the most strong combinations of Excel functions. You may use to search for a value in a huge table of information and return the corresponding value at that table. Let us say your company has 10, 000 employees. There is a spreadsheet with them in it. A lot of details like salary, start date, line supervisor.


  • You need a team of 20 and you are only in fact intrigued in them. INDEX MATCH will look up the value of your team members and get the desired information to your team. This is worth getting your head around this as it’s more flexible. And for that reason more strong than VLOOKUPs.


  • Filters.


Explore information in a table. Filtering well hides data which isn’t of interest. There is a value e.g. Blue automobiles which you are looking for and Filters will bring those up and conceal the rest.


But, in more modern versions of Microsoft Excel, you may now filter on the number values and mobile color. Filtering becomes powerful when you need to filter over one pillar in combination. Both colors and vehicles to seek out your blue car.



The Microsoft Excel Free Download is described in more detail above. It is a very useful software. We use it in school, at the shop, in the office, and at factories. In this, we can create a worksheet. An Excel worksheet is a single spreadsheet that contains cells organized by rows and columns. In it, the worksheet begins with row number one column a. Each cell contains a number, text or formula. A cell can also reference another cell in the same worksheet, the same workbook or a different workbook.

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