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VirtualBox Download is virtualization software. It permits you to install many operating systems. You may run them together on the identical physical PC. I said that virtualization is a technology. That enables you to run many operating systems. It runs number of systems on the exact same physical hardware. You may run them in the exact same time together.


  • So now with these softwares you can install Windows 7. We can understand Linux Mac systems together on the same hardware .  You can create labs test things many later on when you learn about server virtualization. you can run different operating systems servers on the same physical server. It is for virtualbox and so good.


How to VirtualBox Download:


VirtualBox is for free.You go to the download link above on the page. You can download and install it in two minutes. When its downloading will be complete? You can install its setup. It’s a very simple operation. Virtual Box icon appears on the screen. You can click on it for further process. You double-click and run this awesome application. you can see this is the main screen or dashboard of VirtualBox.


Features of VirtualBox Download:




  • Oracle VM VirtualBox runs on a high number of 64 bit host operating systems. Oracle VM Virtual Box  know as hosted hyper-visor. In it, a hyper visor operates on a bit of hardware. It may so run alongside existing applications on that host.



  • Oracle VM Virtual Box is a functional equal on all the host platforms. It uses the identical document, images, shapes. Keep in mind that it permits you to run different manufactured virtual machines. You can create a virtual server on Windows and then run it under Linux.

 Utilizing the Open Virtualization format:

You can download and export the digital machine. It’s the conventional standard for this purpose. You might import OVFs. Which create with various virtualization software. For consumers of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The operation extends to importing and exporting virtual machines to from the cloud. This simplifies application development and deployment in a production environment.



Guest Additions: 

  • The Oracle VM Virtual Box Guest Additions are software packages. That may be set up inside confirmed guest systems to improve their functionality. Additionally, it provide more integration and communication with the host system. After installing the Guest Additions.


  • The virtual machine will promote automatic change of video resolution, smooth windows. Particularly, Guest Additions supply for shared connections. That allows you to access files on the host system from inside a guest server. Fantastic hardware support.



Among other features, Oracle VM VirtualBox affirms the following:

Guest multiprocessing. Oracle VM Virtual Box can existing up to 32 practical computers for each virtual server. How numerous CPU cores are current on your host. Universal Serial Bus device support. Oracle VM Virtual Box implements virtual Universal Serial Bus controller. This permits you to connect arbitrary Universal Serial Bus devices. to your very own digital machines. Without having to install device certain drivers on the host. Universal Serial Bus support is not confined to particular device categories.

Hardware compatibility:


Oracle VM Virtual Box virtualizes a vast collection of virtual devices, among them. which are supplying other virtualization platforms.These include IDE, SCSI, and serial ATA hard drive controllers. There are also virtual network cards and sound cards, vs and parallel ports. it has an input / output advanced programmable barrier controller


Complete ACPI support:


The Advanced Configuration and Power Interface  support the Oracle VM Virtual Box.


Multiscreen resolutions:


Oracle VM Virtual Box virtual machines support screen resolution often times a physical screen. That permitting them to spread on a lot of screens attached to the host system.


Built-in iSCSI support:


This special feature allows you to connect a virtual server. On the iSCSI storage server without passing throughout the host system. The VM gets the ISCSI target without the extra overhead. It required for virtualizing hard disks in container files.


PXE Network boot:


Oracle VM Virtual Box’s integrated virtual network card pre-boot execution support remote booting.


Multigeneration branched snapshots:


Oracle VM VirtualBox can save random snapshots of the state of the virtual machine. You can go back in time and revert the virtual system to any snapshot. It start an alternative VM configuration from there. That developed a whole picture of tree. You may create and delete snapshots whilst the virtual machine is running.


VM groups:


Oracle VM VirtualBox supplies a collections feature. That allows the user to arrange and control virtual machines together. It is also possible for any VM to be in one or more groups, and to have a nest in the classification for classes.This means you might have collections of classes. Class operations are the same as those performed on individual VMs.


Clean architecture and unprecedented modularity:


  • Oracle VM Virtual Box has a very modular design with well defined inner programming. It has a clean separation of client and server code. Which makes it easy to control it from several interfaces at once. You can start a VM by clicking on a button in the Oracle VM  graphical UI. It can control the machine from the command line.


  • Because of its modular architecture. Oracle VM Virtual Box may also expose. its entire functionality and configure ability via a comprehensive software development kit. which enables integration of Oracle VM Virtual Box with some other applications systems.


Remote system display:


The VirtualBox Remote Desktop Extension allows high performance remote access.  This extension supports the Remote Desktop Protocol. It built into Microsoft Windows with special additions for complete client USB support.

How to create virtual machines| How to create systems:


  1. You can see. I have some virtual machines. Now don’t worry about this. I told you many systems. these systems called virtual systems or virtual machines. Inside this software. So to create a new virtual machine. You click on this awesome icon clicking you and this box will appear. so let’s name this machine as Windows Server very nice. You can see what’s nice about VirtualBox. It can detect.


  1. What system you want to restore from its name. So change the version to Windows 64-bit. You can select here Microsoft Windows Linux Mac. I’m installing Windows Server select it and click on next. Here you select the memory size how much memory you want to associate with this machine.


  1. It’s a normal operating system. So it has some memory. It has hard this it has CPU and so on I will give it now 2 gigabytes of RAM and click on next. You need to select the hard drive. I will select create a virtual hard disk now and click on create here.


  1. You can select the type of the hard disk. You can select between very IVHD & VMDK. Now I don’t want to bother. Your brain VDI is the extension or the VirtualBox disk image. Type of VHD used on hyper-v which is rather. Why this software created by Microsoft and VMDK is using VMware Workstation software.


  1. So this statement tells you if you don’t want to use this virtual machine by other applications. You can migrate between this software. Which is a very nice feature but now? We don’t care about this. It default and click on next and now you need to select that you need to select the type of the physical hard drive.


  1. You can select between dynamic hard disk and fixed size. When you select dynamic. It means it will divide space whenever it needs and we’ll distribute all the space. So this statement tells you. If you don’t want to use this virtual machine by other applications. you can migrate between these softwares.

7.which is a very nice feature but now. we don’t care about this. so keep it default and click on next and now you need to select that you need to select the type of the physical hard drive. you can select between dynamic hard disk or fixed size. when you select dynamic. it means it will share space whenever it needs and we’ll distribute all the space


8.It’s better to select dynamic now. so you can save disk space when you’re creating many virtual -machines as an example. this virtual machine is about 50 gigabytes. so if I now select fixed 50 gigabytes of my hard drive of my physical hard drive will dedicate for this machine. and I don’t want this so let’s set dynamic and then it will take only the space needed for the Windows system. which is about 10 gigabytes or 122 gigabytes.


  1. so let’s click on next and now select the destination what do you want to save this virtual machine. I will save it. let’s say a my PC I will go to my windows. let’s create a new folder here called V hands and selected very nice. and that’s it we can now select that size of your virtual disk. I will sell it as alright it’s OK click on create and awesome.


  1. you can see now we created a virtual machine now of course. we did not install Windows inside it. it is a virtual machine. let’s run it I will click on start the first thing. It will ask. It’s a new virtual machine what’s top up this keyword to use you need to install a system now I will click on cancel


  1. I will not insult now see that this is a machine. you can see no bootable medium. it’s somehow like a physical machine running inside my windows very nice. so this is my virtual machine. we will restore the operating system a little bit but now let’s turn the concept please any time you see


  1. this about creating a virtual machine inside VirtualBox. whenever you click on. it will ask you to choose between saving. the Machine state powering off completely and shutting down. We don’t have an operating system till now. the shutdown signal is great out shut down. The normal shutdown power of the machine is like think of the power. You like turning off the power from your physical machine.


  1. it looked like this and saving the Machine State. It’s like suspending or pausing the machine. So you can continue from the point. You pause the machine. It’s like her been hibernating the machine. okay so let’s power off now and close this so this is it this is how you can create a virtual machine inside Virtual Box.


  1. let’s now deep inside some other setting and options inside this. virtual machine right-click and click on settings. You can click on settings here to open the virtual machine settings. We have a lot of options. You can see a general tab system displays storage and so on. we will focus on the main concepts that you concern about.


  1. if you want to start working with Virtual Box. we are in the general tab. you can see the basic settings name the type and so on. Here in the Advanced tab. we can see something very important. which is sharing the clipboard and the drag-and-drop operation?


  1. We want to show the clipboard like copy and pasting from the machine to your physical host and vice versa. we can enable this from here host a guest to host and bi-directional. the host is your physical machine and the guest is your virtual machine also you can enable drag and drop


  1. You want here your description and some options ready to disk encryption. it’s not our concern for now in the system section. you can see options rich memory like including the memory. if you want you can select the boot order it’s like that bias options you can see something rate the processor


  1. if you want to increase the number of course for this virtual machine. we can see options also for CPU virtualization and so on. it’s out of the scope for now in the display section. we have settings about the screen you can increase the memory we can enable 3d acceleration.


  1. you can enable remote display and so on in the storage. you can edit your hard drives. you can add hard drives. you can add optical drives. if you want. You can edit your hard drives and storage in the in this section. Here you get enable and disable audio and select the audio controller. you want here you have the at work settings we will cover it in a little bit it’s somehow important here


  1. We have the serial port if you have you want to connect your virtual machine. You want to attach some USB drives and here we have option ready to shut folders. you can create search folders between your guest and the host machine. so you can access as a drive very simple and here’s some options ready to user interface.


  1. it’s not for the given interface let’s now go through at working and deep a little bit inside. it’s very important and networking. We have three network or virtual networking types then at the bridge and the host. We have the internal network. The internal network is a private network between the virtual machines


  1. so let’s say you are creating a lab an ethical hacking lab. you don’t want your virtual machine to access your host machine. We can create an internal network to test some may be suspicious tools. You want only private network between your virtual machines without any connection. That selected as internal. Now if you want your virtual machines to connect together with the host machine. which means the physical machine


  1. you need to select a adapter. now we still have the nut and the bridge adapter with NAT network. on that adapter you can connect your virtual machines together. And use your internet connection for a host machine. without connecting to your host machine. this is very important.


  1. if you want to test something and you need an internet connection. but you don’t want your host machine. your virtual machines you get the internet connection from your net adapter. You have connection between your internal virtual machines.


You want your virtual machine to act as the physical host. It is select Bridgette. This means the virtual machine will connect your physical adapter



VirtualBox Download is virtualization software for users. Developed by Oracle. This software allows users to run different operating systems on their system. At the same time! And it meets the standards of people who perform professional activities. it meets professional standards and is very popular.

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