MOVAVI Video Editor 14

MOVAVI Video Editor 14 is a great tool to help you create awesome videos from your footage. The new version still gives you. It’s still super easy to use with lots of great features. The MOVAVI Video Editor has all the features needed to create a great video.

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MOVAVI Video Editor 14 Features:

1-New Built-in stickers, footage, and music

2-Animation Tool

3-Montage Wizard

How to use MOVAVI Video Editor 14 and the detail of its features:

1-New Built-in stickers, footage, and music

  • MOVAVI Video Editor content as stickers sample videos and music animation tools. The montage wizard the program’s built-in. MOVAVI media library has expanded to include new royalty-free footage music and stickers. Check out this rainbow swirl footage looks cool doesn’t it how about this volcano.


  • It’s perfect to combine with creative captioning. , I like it too. An image called some red pastel on this building. We can use it as an overlay for your own video. You can add flames or this camera frame to a story. MOVAVI video editor 14 now features a great collection of stickers.


  • It will definitely work. If you enjoy blogging love to make travel videos. Let’s see we’ve got mustache monocle and top hat. I’ll how simple stickers can live an up even an ordinary video. You have to check them out so much fun the building music collection. It has also acquired some new grade tunes finding the right background music for your videos.

2-Animation Tool

  • The second new feature of the mobile video editor 14 is an animation tool. You’ll more usually find this tool in more complex professional-grade video editors. So our development team is especially proud to bring your animation. It is a beautiful app. You can add any object to your video.


  • It makes and moves within the frame any way you want. You can animate an uploaded image. MOVAVI titles animation gives you full control. Over the Edit objects in time and space starts with animating captions and stickers. You’ll soon discover that this tool has unlimited creative possibilities animation is awesome.


3-Montage Wizard:

  • It’s time to tell you about the last but not the least major improvements in mobile video editor 14. It’s called the montage wizard with creating a cool video is faster and easier than ever. Let me show how it works you select the clips. You want your video for you. You choose a music track to set the desired length for your video.


  • Its wizard will work with combining magic elements. In a complete video to see how powerful it is. You check out this video. It creates the best footage through a montage wizard. It took me less than five minutes to make this video. Before you start experimenting with all these new cool features.

MOVAVI Video Editor Plus:

I have something important to tell you. There are now two different versions of the program. MOVAVI video editor and MOVAVI video editor plus. It’s actually pretty simple to let me explain MOVAVI video editor plus has all the features. I’ve told you about the plus.

You’ll find an extended collection of royalty-free footage music and stickers. The basic version of the MOVAVI video editor has a much smaller amount of building media content. It has not included the animation tool but it does have the mounted wizard.

Conclusion MOVAVI Video Editor 14:

MOVAVI Video Editor 14 is a great video editor. It gives you a very nice and high feature. You can create videos in it. The amazing effects inside make your video a professional look. Inside you will find a collection of the background music. And the many stickers you use to make your video beautiful. It’s very easy to use. I would tell you to use it to make your own videos.

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