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Today I will tell you about going to the GoToMeeting Free Download software. It is software that allows you to conduct online teaching and video conferencing. With this software, you can have online conferences in any remote area. You can start scheduling sessions, hosting, and viewing sessions.

How to GoToMeeting Free Download:

You can download GoToMeeting Software by clicking the Download button on our site. You install it on your laptop or PC. After installing, you must first sign up. Next, it will ask you for some details to sign up. You can use it for free for fourteen days. This way the interface of this software will open.  You can try it and if you like it then buy the paid version.

How to use GoToMeeting Free Download on Laptop or PC:

  • How simple it is to use a GoToMeeting. You will receive an email from me. We shall read it over you have two choices. You can use a simple phone number. This phone number is in the US with an access code. You type it in. But most people like to actually see each other. It’s actually quite cool.


  • So we click on this. Do you want to allow this page to open go-to the opener? Yes, you allow it. It’s going to download some save software to be able to have this meeting. It will then verify the ID. You will show me here so this will be a picture of you and you might be waiting for me. When you are ready well this is your mic.

Camera Turn On or Off:

  • You can mute it this is a camera you can turn it off. If you want there it is yeah. I didn’t click it hard enough there. And then I am ready and then you’ll see I’m not here because I’m actually pretending to be the client here. But you will see that I will be here there are different formats the gallery format is nice.


  • Because it has us both talking here the chat is handy. You can write something in. I can give you a lot of information already written out to you. It’s quite handy these are advancing features. if you feel brave enough to do all that.


  • These are the various microphones. You can go to the phone. You can use the video plus. The phones for audio well with that it’s pretty simple. And then when it’s time to leave you to leave so I wish you well and you take care and stay safe out there.

Features Of GoToMeeting Free Download:

Screen Sharing:

  •  I’m going to show you how to share your screen in GoToMeeting. When you’re in a meeting. You’ll see the participants of the meeting up the top. And then you’ll see any screens down below. I’m going to show you how to share with you a screen within GoToMeeting.


  •  You’ll have four different icons at the bottom of your meeting. One will be for audio one will be for the camera. And the other will be for screen sharing .the the last icon will be to end the meeting. If you want to share your screen during a GoToMeeting click on the screen share icon. This will pull up a few different options for you to share your main screen too.


  • If you have a second watch or all your screens. You can also toggle between applications to show specific applications. And not share your whole screen. If I want to share a screen too then I’ll click on screen too and then click share once you click share. You’ll then be sharing your screen and go to the meeting this was a quick tip on how to show your screen and go to the meeting.

Conference Calling

  • Today we’ll be showing you the completely reimagined in-session experience. while we are demoing on a Mac the experience is the same on a PC. and we’ll teach you how to turn it on for both endpoints from the time you start your meeting. You’ll notice improvements that will make your life a lot easier.

Join Screen:

  •  The new join screen prepares you for the meeting. You’re about to join get a preview of. What you’ll look like before you enter the meeting and choose whether. You’d like to keep your video on or turn it off. You can also choose your preferred audio method by clicking on the Settings icon. In the top right corner select between phone or computer audio.

Join meeting:

  • Now click ok I’m ready and jump in and remember GoToMeeting will save your preferred settings. So you can join your next meeting in a single click. Once you’ve joined your meeting. You’ll notice that there are new webcam layouts to let you meet the way. You want the first are talking view with talking view go to meeting identifies.


  • Who is talking and make sure? They’re placed front and center. This view is perfect for focusing. On a single presenter during a long presentation seeing. Who is talking during a large meeting or even a casual one-on-one meeting the next view we have is to everyone’s view.

Show EveryOne in the meeting:

  • This shows everyone in the meeting. Whether they’re sharing their webcam or not. This is great for identifying everyone in the meeting. But in larger meetings can make webcams very small. That’s why we’ve introduced a camera only view .it makes for a great video first experience as you see here.


  • You can use our hide everyone’s view to do in on a presentation ready to present. Click the screen share button at the bottom of the screen for this example. We’ll choose to share the PowerPoint application. Now you’re showing your presentation to your attendees. As a presenter in the new GoToMeeting. Your experience has enhanced with a single check.

Engage their Interest:

  • You can see your presentation and still see your attendees’ reactions. While you present engage their interest. You’ll also be able to get a preview of exactly. What your attendees are seeing and ensure everyone is on the same page as a meeting attendee. You also have some new features and functionality. That makes being a remote participant that much easier zoom in or out.


  • So you can see exactly what the presenter is referring to take a screenshot of what is being presented. It will save to your desktop or even push webcams. And the presentation to many monitors the new GoToMeeting. It is designing for our customers. No more fumbling about looking for buttons. To navigate the meeting things like recording muting. Webcam and screen sharing has placed front and center at the bottom of your screen.

Mute and Unmute:

  • All other functionality has moved to the navigation bar on the top right. You can see your attendees mute and unmute. They invite others to the meeting with the push of a button and lock your meeting. As before you can also chat with other attendees in the meeting. Choose between groups or individuals. Chat messages finally by clicking on the Settings button.

Manage Audio:

  • You’re able to manage your audio connection switched from phone to computer audio. When you have bad reception or switch from computer audio to phone. You have poor network connections all without ever leaving the meeting. When the meeting is over click on the red phone at the bottom of your screen to leave the meeting so how to do.

Meeting Icon:

  • I turn on the new GoToMeeting experience. If you’re on a Windows PC right-click on the meeting icon. And scroll up to click on preferences click on the meetings category. Click the checkbox that says test the new GoToMeeting user interface and press ok.

Mac the enablement process:

  • If you’re on a Mac the enablement process is almost the exact same click on the go to meeting icon. To open the application next click on go to meeting in the top tray scroll down. we Click on preferences and finally click on the meetings category. Click the checkbox that says test the new meeting user interface.

Next Meeting:

  • And press ok now the next meeting. Your host or join from your desktop app will be in the new experience modernize. This meeting with the all-new GoToMeeting tries it out today.
    Share your desktop, smartphone, or tablet screen and from anyplace.


  • Integrated Voice over IP conference requires that save you money and time.
    Change the dynamics of the meeting with face-to-face Hi-def video conferencing.
  •  Mobile Conferencing
  • Start an online meeting from your mobile phone right away and keep it going.
  • Meeting Recording & TranscriptionRecord. Your meetings in real-time, take notes, mark action items.
  • You are sharing your meeting.
  • Conference Room Equipment
  • Hardware bundled with professional, video conferencing applications in one easy kit.


GoToMeeting Free Download is easy to use the software. We find crystal clear audio video in it. Which is very easy to control? During this meeting, You can highlight the most important notes as you work. This allows you to access office meetings. You can start the meeting at any time. You can customize the meeting time here. It is the best software for everyone.

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