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The chessboard is a right-angled split into sixty-four smaller squares. People can Free Chess Download from here. It has Small Square numbered starting 1 to 8 vertical and lettered on A to H horizontal form. If you want to play mind play, one of them is Chess. In Chess, you can select and play both easy and difficult functions. At the same time, it’s a game that has access to both the 2D and 3D forms of animation. You can play this game both offline and online.

Free Chess Download Game for Windows:

Chess is installing as freeware in the Windows operating system. It has an unrestricted license. You can download it for free deprived of paying. It can play it in calm mode besides a hard mode with the structure. You can also play Chess Games with your fellow performers. It’s a brain game you have to think with your mind.

How to Play Free Chess Download Game:

  • Chess is a very interesting game. It can play all adults, children, and young people. The chessboard consists of sixty-four boxes. The panel consists of identical boxes of Dark and Light four-sided shape. A chess piece has the smallest size and value.


  • And the first row should be set up as follows. The rooks belong to the corner squares. And now moving inward, the knights belong next to the rooks. Yes, this is a knight & not a horse. Before following the knights, we have our bishops. After this, we place our queens on the same color. This means the white queen goes on a silver right-angled and the black queen goes on a black square.
  • And then finally, we place the king on the remaining square. If the board is set up correct each piece will be facing one another. The queen across the queen and the king across the king. That’s how it should be. The player through the white pieces always moves first and makes one move, and then black makes one move.


  • Each player will make alternate moves like this until the game ends. Each of the 6 different pieces has a unique way of moving. Let’s start using the piece which is the easiest to understand and that’s the rook. The rook moves in a plus pattern like this. This means it can move any number of squares either up, down, left or right as highlighted in this position.


  • Rooks can capture the first enemy piece they move into. When you capture an enemy piece in chess. You go to the square it occupies and removes it from the board.

Now let’s talk about bishops:

The bishop can move crosswise any number of squares or in an X-pattern like this. From this position, it can go to any of the squares I have underlined in red. Bishops can capture the first enemy piece they move into.

Now let’s look at the queen:

The queen considered the most powerful piece on board because it can move both like the Rook and Bishop. Which means it can move any number of squares upright, flat or crosswise. From this position, the queen can go to any of the rectangles dyed in red. The Queen can capture the first enemy piece it moves into.

Let’s talk about the knights now:

The knight moves in the shape of an L. Moving to cubes in one direction except diagonal. Then one square like that. The knight from this position can move to any of the squares highlighted in red.
The knight is the only piece that can jump over other pieces. He can jump over those pieces and move. If there is any opponent piece on these highlighted squares, he can capture them.

Let’s talk about the pawns now:

  • The pawn is actually the most complicated piece because it has many unique qualities. A pawn is the one part that transfers in one direction. It captures in a completely dissimilar direction. Pawns shift on step onward towards the opponent’s side of the board. If it is their major change, then they can move either one square advancing like this or two squares frontward like this.


  • Pawn moves two squares and this pawn moves one. Each of these highlighted pawns now could only shift on square headfirst. Now, if white moves his pawn 2 squares ahead like this, and black also goes two squares. You might be thinking that this white pawn can capture this black pawn, but he cannot. Like I told you earlier, pawns shift on way and capture in an altered way.


  • Remember, pawns can only capture pieces crosswise in front of them. They cannot capture pieces in front of them. In fact, this pawn is simple and cannot move or capture. He’s stuck and has no legal moves. This pawn can move forward like this or he can capture one square crosswise like this. Now you know that pawns single transfer and they never move backward.

Now let’s talk about the best essential part and that is our king:

  • The point of chess is to checkmate the ruler. The ruler is invaluable in such a case that you lose the lord, you lose the game. The ruler moves each square in turn now a few tracks. From this position, he can go to any of these squares featured in red.


  • At whatever point a move brings about the rival’s above all else is a danger? At that point, the assaulting player must state ‘check’. So the term ‘check’ unwritten alludes to the ruler is assaulting. For instance, In this area, it’s dark to move.


  • Furthermore, in the event that the rook goes to e8, at that point the white lord is under control. For instance, In this spot, it’s dark to move. What’s more, on the off chance that the rook goes to e8, at that point the white ruler is under tight restraints. At the point when you’re under tight restraints, there are three different ways you can attempt to receive in return.


  • You can attempt to move to a protected square, or square the check, or unwritten confinement the checking piece. In this spot, white can do every one of the three. He can move to a protected square. These squares I have tinted are protected.


  • The ruler can move to any of these. You can likewise hinder the check. Furthermore, by square, I intend to put a piece in the middle of the checking piece and the ruler. In case you’re within proper limits and there is no transition to ensure the lord, at that point the assaulting player proclaims ‘checkmate’. The game is over and he wins.


Free Chess Download is a game of simple and straightforward chess. It is downloadable in instants and completely free of charge. This is only available on Windows, unlike Chess Free! Which is supporting both Windows and Android? Free Chess doesn’t support online multiplayer. Finally, you can set the game for player vs. player instead of involving the AI. Electing to play humans versus humans only allows consumer control.

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