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Download Cool Edit Pro free is a robust audio editing and recording software. It is a music workstation application with the capacity to work with various tracks. They promote no harmful processing and encompasses sound mixing. It can mix up to 64 records with approximately one sound card. Cool Edit Pro permits you to record, play, switch and edit files up to 2 gigabytes in size and over 25 setups.


  • Its sound outcomes insert reverb, multi-tap delay, 3D echo, equalizer, chorus, and more. There’s a time limit of half an hour per session from the demo version. You will save, and clipboard functions disable, and Real Audio isn’t supported.


How to Download Cool Edit Pro free: 


Download Cool Edit Pro for Windows PC 100% free & safe download latest official version. It is a significant program part of the MP3 and Audio class. It’s accessible for the entire Versions. The program creates by Syntrillium Software and has upgraded on Apr twelfth, 2019.  Thank you for utilizing this site to download Cool Edit Pro 2.1. Please click the download button above to download Cool Edit Pro from the Official Site. The Cool Edit  demonstration is available to all software users as a free download.


Download Cool Edit Pro free Features:

  • Over 25 audio file format formats supported, including Substantial file formats such as MP3 and WAV as well as many more This Program can support up to 2GB of audio 
  • Not just for editing, with Cool Edit Pro, you can record and save tracks as well, even from websites such as old tapes or disks (with the proper hardware) 
  • Capable of editing multiple ways at a time 
  • Designed interface for ease of use but additionally very professional looking 
  • Optional features like visual effects are available throughout the setup 
  • It contains primary attributes as well as more advanced features like processing and mixing music files 




Download Cool Edit Pro free is a tool that performs this kind of task. Aside from editing only, I can record tracks, save tracks from old tapes on Compatible disks. The preferences of the software permit editing of many paths. But it’s got a pro look. While installing, it has many options. You can access the advanced visual effects that come as an optional feature. You have a little knowledge of sound. We can edit to achieve the full functions of the software. 

  • The program has essential standard functions with some other extra parts. Each one of these operations does within a minute. It supports vital data formats such as MP3, WMV, OGG, Audio Interchange File Format, WAV, and MKA. They’re over 25 audio file formats. It can handle large sizes of sound up to 2GB.
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