Comodo dragon browser download For Windows

Comodo Dragon is a Chromium technology based browser that offers greater security and higher functionality. The programmers From Comodo have tried to unite their experience in the area of Internet with Personal Computer Security. This system claims to be safer than every other browser in the marketplace.

Comodo dragon browser download For Windows prevents biscuits, prevents download monitoring, and uses a brand-new technology that identifies and distinguishes superior SSL certifications from inferior ones. This aesthetically pleasing minimalist browser allows users to navigate together with cookies turned off. This is called Incognito Mode. You need to use this feature while browsing on free public WiFi. Users could also important, their history, cookies, passwords along with other settings from their current browser.

Difference Between Comodo Dragon Vs Chrome Browser:

This advanced browser protects users from exposing very sensitive details about themselves. Additionally, it does not send information regarding a surfing session to a remote server. In case the browser detects a domain only certification, it warns you that the website may not be secure. These certificated are readily available to any individual in a low price and need no confirmation. Comodo Dragon’s interface is equal to that of Google Chrome. Installing the browser allows you to utilize Comodo SecureDNS with any program that connects to the Internet. This browser eliminates Chrome’s utilization monitoring offers additional security steps. Some of its key attributes include: Advanced security attributes Suitable plug ins Privacy enhancements Secure surfing Fast load and search Stops cookies Domain Name technology Minimalist interface Users can import bookmarks from other browsers Incognito style Easy SSL certificate identification Improved stability and less memory bloat.

Feature of the Comodo dragon browser download For Windows:

The size of the browser is 24.53MB, so that you can download it in less than 3 minutes. This one of the programs created with the main objective of secured web browsing in mind. Comodo Dragon works on Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP. The browser features its own integrated updater. If you install the program, you can keep its cache and cookie files or you can delete them. Comodo Dragon removes or disables the next Google Chrome features so as to increase security: Google Native Client supports RLZ identifier Bug monitoring system Timestamp of when the browser has been installed ClientID – This browser may also prevent cookies from being downloaded on certain websites.
Advantages :

Comodo web browser free download

Comodo Dragon also helps improve the load time of pages. Even when you’ve several browsers installed on your pc, Comodo Dragon is still worth checking out. This software not only gives you the complete set of attributes offered by Chromium, however it also provides unsurpassed privacy and security features. The best web browsers are usually readily available at no extra charge. All you need to do is to read the info available on the web so as to find one that fits your needs.

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