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TechSmith produces software Camtasia Studio 9. It is video editing software combined with the screen detention software. In it, screencasting makes a video tutorial, presentation for any kind of use. We can handpick the screen area in it. Audio or other multimedia recordings can do at the same time in Camtasia. It can separate sounds and blend sounds from any video. Camtasia supports a wide variety of formats for your video audio and images.


Camtasia studio 9 free downloads:


The new Camtasia studio 9 is now capable of editing videos in 4k. It takes advantage of the 64-bit processor for faster rendering. We can also do drag and drop editing. Camtasia 9 brings multi-platform access.

You can edit the same project file in Windows and Mac. You can buy it for 199 dollars. You can upgrade your old version for 99.5 $. You can also get a free trial for one month. Now let’s open the actual software so here is the new Camtasia 9 with an updated icon.


How to use Layout of Camtasia studio 9:


The layout of the software is available in four main sections.


  • Media
  • Effects
  • Canvas property
  • Timeline


Media and Effects:


In the timeline, the media and effects section is. Where you will store all the media which you’re using for your current project. These can be videos audio or image effects that are also located in this section.


Canvas property:


The canvas will show you what the final video looks like. It is also possible to make edits to your media on the canvas. This like a preview area in the properties area. You can adjust the specific facts of each piece of content. The properties are different for each type of content. In it, choices include options such as size color fonts and speed.




The timeline is where you will do the bulk of your editing. All your media will organize here on your timeline. This layout is a definite improvement over Camtasia Studio 9. The setup is clean which makes it easy to use. Once you understand how everything works together. You can edit your pretty with this layout.


Features of Camtasia Studio 9:


  • Video Effect


  • Video Assets


  • Updated Annotations


  • Creates Video Faster


  • Drag and drop editing


  • Multiplatform Access


  • For windows and mac


  • Screen Recording


  • Webcam Recording


  • Add transitions, effects, and animations


  • Create video and pictures


  • Video editor


  • Royalty-Free music & library


  • Record video, audio, and presentation




Camtasia Studio 9 is great video producing software. You can modify audio and video clip at your own desire. It is the screen recorder’s request. You can record your perfect screen or choose a part of the screen to record. You can record your webcam with your screen at the same time. This is great for making tutorial videos on your computer.  It is important for you to produce high-quality videos.

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