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Cain and Abel Software is a hacking tool. It is for both the good and bad sides. In this, you can check any network host, such as the incoming and outgoing network activity of any device. I’m going to be covering the password cracking abilities with Cain and Abel. This tool is capable of wireless hacking via PC. It has the ability to crack any password.

Features of Cain and Abel Software:

1) Networking sniffing

2) Password Cracking

3) Hack sites

4) Using Linux

5) Use various Tools

6) Box pwning

How to download Caine and Able Software:

In this software, we can use network sniffing. Through this software, you can watch the activity of the user connected to the network. So I’ll show you how to do. You can download and use this software from here.

How to use Caine and Abel Software:

  •  Its interface is very simple and easy. This software breaks passwords. It has the power to crack simple passwords. In which all websites and applications need a password. It has access to this information in any type of data.


  • All this happens through a hacking process known as sequel injection. In this regard, hackers can exploit flaws and coding designs to gain access to the database. Here we will talk about Cain and Abel Software hacking.


  • Some of the most popular types of hashing algorithms are NTLM, md5, and Sha-1. You will find the password one of the more popular types of password cracking programs is Cain and Abel. We are going to focus on is under the cracker tab which used for cracking passwords on the left.


  • You will see a list of different types of hashing algorithms. Let’s select NTLM hashes. What windows use to encrypt passwords to import hashed passwords? Click on the plus sign. Select the first option to import hashes from all the users on your current computer.


  •  You can import hashes from a text file or a database file. You click the next list of all the accounts. The system will show the popup window. Our area of interest will be the NT password column.


  •  If it says empty that means there isn’t a password on the account if it’s blank then it has a password. So right-click on the account. You wish to crack and it will give you different cracking options dictionary.

These options are as under.

  • Dictionary Attack
  • Brute-force
  • Cryptanalysis attacks

Dictionary Attack:

  • It reads from a file of preset passwords.
  • You can download the large password file

Password Complexity:

In this half, the passwords on the web are lower case letters and 6 characters long.

On an above-average computer, this will take only 30 seconds to crack.

Brute-Force Attack:

  • The next fastest way is through a method called brute-force. It is a method of trying all possible combinations, numbers and/or symbols and hashing them. It finds a matching combination.


  • This is where the complexity of your password pays off on average more than half the passwords. On the Internet are lowercase letters and six characters in length on my laptop. It only takes 30 seconds to crack.


  • So if that’s you and someone breaks into LinkedIn or Twitter’s databases. You’re screwed to use brute force and Cain and Abel. You right-click on the user select brute force and then select NTLM hashes.


  •  It will bring up a new window with the criteria of the password complexity. You can see adding one number. Your password rises the crack time to four minutes.


  • Adding a number in uppercase letters takes more than an hour then throwing a symbol into the mix bumps. It up to about five hours still this is a very short amount of time. When it comes to your security.


  •  You include all those characters and then increase the length of your password to say ten the time to crack. It increases in this case. It’ll take about eighteen thousand years now. That’s more like it brute force is the most common means of password cracking

Cryptanalysis Attacks:

  • There’s a third option called cryptanalysis. Which is the study of cryptography to see? It can adopt this method of cryptanalysis attacks. That called rainbow tables without getting complicated. A rainbow table can be a long string of millions of hashes.


  • Then the rainbow table will take a smaller pattern. The original hash knowns as a reduction function and search for. Instead of searching the entire hash. It can be a lot faster assuming. You have enough memory to store all the hashing functions.


  • You can find rainbow tables to use by searching for them on Google. You have three different options to try and crack other hashing algorithms.


Cain and Abel Software is a password recovery tool for all types of windows. It allows easy recovery of various kinds of passwords through the sniffing. The network cracking translated passwords using dictionary, brute-force and cryptanalysis attacks.

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