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AMIDuOS PRO Free Download is a revolutionary new concept. which brings the functionality, depth and joy of Android Emulator for PC? It’s a tremendous experience in Microsoft Windows apparatus. It is for fast, easy switching between Windows and Android environments.

How to AMIDuOS Pro Free Download:

A program is an attractive choice for those who prefer to run the Android app on their PC. It is part of the Tools class licensed as shareware for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit systems. We can use it as a free trial before the trial period ends. It is available as a free download for all application users.


  • Compared to the complete edition, it has possible limitations. You can download from here. For your convenience, the download button is above on the page.


How to Share Files Between AMIDuOS PRO Free Download Android Emulator and Windows:

  • I have to tell you how you can split files between your Windows operating system and AMIDuOS. We’ll get access to the Settings icon. Just click on the Preferences icon and visit the AMIDuOS configuration program. It’ll pull it up from Windows or via Windows. You may throw it also.


  • What it is going to say here is for your shared folders. Your documents and your pictures, your video and music that folder on Windows. Do you want to transfer into MIDUOS by default? It’s going to be C Drive colon backslash user’s backslash. The name of your Windows account or user backslash MIDUoS share.


  • And whatever files are in there will share to your SD card—Slash documents directory on the emulator. So in Windows, this is what we’d be looking at you can see right here. I have a ROM for the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask. Put in here and currently shared into MIDUoS well OS so whatever files you want need to go in.


  • Here the only difference is that you’re going to change. Here so inside of the actual emulator, let me show you through the file explorer where this will locate. So I’m using file commander. So one of the left-hand side options is to click on the SD card with this little symbol of an SD card.


  •  I suggest that the SD card component of my file system. I can visit the directory.  Suppose you had set up pictures or video directory inside of the AMIDoUS Configuration tool. It would be likewise so you’d see videos here you’d see photos here. Still, for right now I’m going into documents.


  • You can see that the same file Legend of Zelda the Majora’s Mask. It has been shipping from windows straight into the emulator’s file system. Hence, if I wanted to boot up this file, it’s now accessible for instance, I’ll go ahead to this n64 emulator, and we’ll give that a second and try to boot it up.


  • Let’s see a resume, and as you can see, the file loads fine, it’s accessible and works within AMIDoUS. Window share from it. So that’s it for this tutorial on how to transfer files between a.m. videos and your Windows operating system. I hope you found this helpful.


AMIDuOS PRO Free Download Features:


Application Compatibility


It may run all the Android applications out there in Android app markets. To get you started, it includes a preloaded Amazon Appstore. You can create AMIDuOS your own; favourite put in your favourite Android app. You get together with the AMIDuOS package installer in markets. The app can also be ARM v7 compatible to operate the most popular ARM software.


Full Android Experience


The computer software is nothing less than the full Android experience. It has all the innovations that the newest account of the common free driving mode gives you. It works promptly, sees short and visible, and makes no restrictions. It’s 100% native Android running in your Windows hardware!




It supports 3D acceleration, which means that you may enjoy a superior Android gaming experience in Windows. It uses Windows OpenGL drivers for improved frame rates to support the most graphics. Applications run in the native x86-mode to provide peak performance. Whilst ARM emulation is only performing on an as-needed basis. It helps the program to save power and extend battery life to the fullest.

Tablet Features


Android Emulator offers a complete Android tablet encounter with multi-touch and gesture support. It has worked together with a full-featured software keyboard. It also supports Compass and GPS functionality, allowing multi-touch map navigation.


Desktop Features


In Desktop mode, AMIDuOS PRO 64 bit provides complete hardware keyboard support. You can include keyboard shortcuts. The screen orientation can alter to portrait mode for programs that need it. It supports Ethernet and simulated WiFi to give network access for Android applications. Device Support


  • While the application leverages Windows device drivers, it also supports crucial peripherals and detectors of their Windows hardware. It including high-definition cameras, sound, and microphone.


Storage and File Sharing


File sharing between Windows and Android can support AMIDu OS. so that you can share images, videos, and audio between the two OS modes. It also supports SD card emulation and permits you to configure the SD card.


AMIDuOS PRO Free Download is an android emulator. which will Allow You to play any Android sport on your computer? It revels in a Wide Variety of programs. AMIDuOS provides complete hardware keyboard support, such as keyboard shortcuts. The screen orientation can change into portrait mode for programs which need it.


  •  It supported Ethernet and mimicked WiFi to give network accessibility for Android programs. File sharing between Windows and Android can keep in AMIDuOS. Which means that you may share images, videos and audio between the two OS modes? AMIDuOS supports SD card emulation. It permits you to configure the SD card size using an easy-to-use Setup tool.



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