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X-Proxy Download is an excellent program for users who like to surf the Web in anonymity. The app is swift to fix and works on most devices. Accessing your computer can use to prevent hackers from X-Proxies. It provides information and allows you to surf the Web.

X-Proxy Download Overview:

Its supply is making to proxy with an easy solution for safeguarding. You are identity while browsing online. The program allows you to link to the Web utilizing a proxy host. Thus maintaining your pc anonymous and protecting you against identity theft.

Simple Use interface:

The interface is straightforward and well-organized. Letting you see a list of those proxy servers: their corresponding IP, server name. X-Proxy divides the proxies into various categories based on their security level. You will find very high anonymous, anonymous or transparent proxies that you may pick it.

Blends along with your favorite browser:

The moment you join with a proxy, then hidden your own identity., concealed your identity. It is suppressing, and you’ll be able to see your fake and the actual IP addresses from the primary window.

  • X-Proxy can cut into the system tray and shield your identity in the background. You can hide your IP or revive the correct speech with the arrow context menu.

IP addresses Assigned:

Furthermore, the program includes several tools. That will help you discover the nation for a specified IP address. searching for your IP address assigned to some user-defined domain name. Additionally, the program includes an integrated online speed test tool. That will help you discover the link line rate.

Eliminating the Browser:

What’s more, you may use it to drop the browser background.

Helpful Tool:

x-proxy is the ease of usage, together with the variate proxy list. It provides you to make it a valuable tool for hiding your computers. We follow the, at the same time, browsing the internet during making proxy.

How to X-Proxy Download:

It’s in an anonymous proxy group and available to all applications users as a free download. X-Proxy is a free, easy, and efficient remedy to discover free proxies on the net. It is the World Wide Web, alter your IP address, stop identity theft. It intercepts hackers through a proxy IP server. You can download it on the above link. Press the link download button above on the page for safe installing.

X-Proxy Download Features:

Proxy Checkers:

X-proxy search, download, assess, and organizes your proxy list by HTTP and HTTPS proxies, response time, Google Passed brokers, hostname, country name, and more…

Proxy Scraper:

Scrape and check proxy servers at the IP: port structure, Which You Can extract from your sources

Internet Speed Test tool:

Proxy includes different internet tools to help you ping the domain name or IP address. You locate the country of IP address, search for your IP address assigned to a user-defined domain. We use an Internet speed test tool to assist you in detecting the link speed and much more.

Browser integration:

You can retrieve information about temporary files, cookies, and forms by removing your browser’s background. We can delete it all with one click. It can help many common browsers like Xbox Proxy Guide, secure and free download.

Latest version upgrade.

Download X-Proxy to your PC or notebook.

Identity Security.


X-Proxy Download provides anonymity services to users. Its primary goal is to aid users to browse the net without getting seen. An individual may also get into the blocked websites & social media platforms.
While connected to industrial or public networks, and need to remain stressed.

  • Your online liberty is always a top priority. You’re at a college or work. You can always trust this software to visit your desired websites. With no questions asked, you will redirect to a site. That keeps a block on your regional IP.
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