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Yahoo Messenger 11 Download has Web version, iPhone and Android version are available. This messenger gives you many facilities. It provides instant messaging, photo sharing and free calling to its users. Text messaging is its most popular service. It allows you to send free messaging anywhere in the world.


How to Yahoo Messenger 11 Download:


Click on the linkage above to download Messenger. Here you will find web version as well as Android version and iPhone version. You can download the setup as per your rule. The Windows version has some features. It allows you to transfer files, communicate via email, and with different networks. It also provides facilities like search bar, address bar and call forwarding.


Features of Yahoo Messenger 11 Download:


RIP Yahoo Messenger:

  • Looking Back wards at the main features of iconic messaging program. Yahoo is an iconic IM application. Which preceded modern programs like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? It reached the end of road on. Users cling to the ceremony will then redirects to the Squirrel.


  •  A brand fresh IM application, and will offer six months to back up their chat history. We realize we’ve a fantastic deal of steadfast fans who’ve used Yahoo Messenger. Since its beginning as among the very first chat applications of its type. As the communication landscape takes on to change over.


  • We are focusing on introducing and building new, stimulating communications tools. Which better fit consumer needs, clarified Yahoo on its website last month?

Yahoo Messenger:

  • The very first real worldwide messaging app. Yahoo Messenger was among the first messaging applications age of dial-up connections. Its broadband speeds that wouldn’t go beyond 1 Megabyte per second. When cyber teashops mushroomed in metros and lesser towns in the early 2000 s. Youngsters spent hours chatting during the messaging application.


  • Also to, the application forgot at the smartphone era. With youngsters starting to lean towards programs like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Today, with Yahoo Messenger gone. Let’s take a take  a look at the main attributes that made the app special.

Chat rooms:

The most intriguing elements of the Yahoo app were its public chat rooms. You could shuffle between many chat rooms nd take part in general conversations. The UI was simple and easy to use, even by modern standards. Little things like capability to change the font size. And fashion made the people chat rooms look quite funny.


Video calls:

Yahoo Messenger allowed its clients to make video calls. The experience was below par. When matched to up-to-date high rec cameras and fast connections. But with low resolution. VGA internet camera and small broadband speeds, making video calls.



Has someone been dismissing your message for far too long? Only send a Buzz. The whole message box will shake up, and you’ll have the attention you want. Buzzing was a intriguing feature, even when it was a fun.

Yahoo Messenger’s Emojis:

Yahoo Messenger’s emojis were very popular. Everyone knows that these emojis came to Facebook later. Yahoo has a lot of emojis and these are before Facebook emojis.


Yahoo  have teamed up to provide users with access to the latest email services available on the web. Known as Mailbox Plus, this service offers two very useful features.


Mailbox refill and Mailbox Auto Fill:


  • Auto fill allows the user to choose the address where they want to receive their mail.  Repayment allows you to store many email addresses for easy access.


  • Mailbox Plus gives you some extra benefits, such as the ability to sort your mail by date or topic. This makes it easier for you to read through your mail and determine what you need to do from here. Auto-Plus  also provides the ability to configure auto-respondents for any incoming mail. you want to reply to.


  •  The new service will allow Yahoo users to save Exchange backups. If you backed up your data using the Exchange Backup feature, you can now do so from your Yahoo email interface.


  • This is one of the features that Yahoo plans to introduce soon. They are doing this to strengthen their foothold in the growing online market. As more and more people start using the Internet, so does competition.


  • Sites like MSN, AOL and Google are working harder than ever to keep people looking and staying. By providing a solid product line that is easy to use and features that are innovative. Yahoo can join these giants.


The new yahoo-messenger-11-download instant messenger version brings a wide range of new features at the table. Chat functionality has  improved throughout the board. The newest Messenger download empowers. You speak the anyone when they aren’t on the internet. Using Yahoo Instant Messaging. users will be capable to get a vast array of info in real time without waiting for a reply.

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