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QQ International Download is not an instant messenger. QQ International offers free useful applications. It also includes news feeds, language programs, games and videos, directory search. This messenger will be easier to plan on the desktop client. That is the acceptable thing to do, and it must end there. It gives global users access to QQ International’s sizeable Chinese community.

  • QQ International is one of the most popular IM and video chat applications in China. The client supports many languages. It may also integrate different applications. Which vary from news feeds to videos and games. There are also translations, currency conversions, and other programs.


How to QQ International Download |Use:

  • The first step we use the browsers, and we go to Google. When you are in Google, search softfay.com? After opening the Softfay website, click on the search bar on the right. If you type QQ International on it, the article will open. We’ll press the download button on giving above.


  •  You can choose the system. Then you can get the app. and you can run that. When after you download, sign up is here. You need to enter your personal information here. And press one up. You should provide the email address and phone number.


  • On the second page during the registrations. Okay, now you should know how to download and set up a QQ app to download that. And install that. It ought to be in your desktop today. we try how to use them, so press your username, account number here, and your password.


  • When you log into QQ, so if you don’t want that on your desktop. You can push on the top will release your hiding. When press there, it comes back to how to add people to press this icon. So I do the example for you when you press here.


  • So when your students and whatever office or some friends. They’re providing their economy. Then you can add it here, press the number, and press the search. So you will see the people in this list and press add to contacts, and sends a message here.


  • The nests now, all you need to do is putting in which group you want. For example, set in the careers. So how to check a message in here. There’s flashing here. Okay, now I will receive the information from the QQ. You should save it in English. We agree to press here then now both of you are friends the message showing.


  • You as a Content then finish or charm. Wherever you want then now, you can send a message to each other. So I have logged into QQ accounts to show you the examples. Now I’m sending a letter to the QQ office. Hello yeah, the flashing look at the flashing. You can share a message here so if someone calls you. There’s a message.


  •  It will show up here double click I received a hollow phone. Here how to make a video call and a how-to video and audio course. So you see, there’s a two-button here. This button is for the audio path, and this button is for the video course. If we press stop videos, then you can have video calls with students.


  • This choice is the main toss. You’re using to contact our management teams and the customer services also. What I’m going to show you if you have any problems. You don’t know how to do that. You don’t know how to solve that. That is on your screen. You can do the screenshot. Here to show what problem you have, press here show your screen double-click.


  • We can then receive your pictures. this is all you know about using the QQ .ok, which are here yet; yeah will receive your photographs. So it’s straightforward. It chooses the same as Skype. But there are Chinese versions of Skype that are that excellent application. I hope you understand how to use the QQ and download a QQ.

QQ International Download Features:

Support for 50+ Languages.

  • Today I’m here to tell you a little bit about the QQ translator. It helps you with your QQ chatting. So we’ll go to the QQ door better chat. And scroll down to QQ translator on the right-hand side. Now I’ve got a person here. Who I’ve been chatting with, and I don’t understand exactly. What they’ve been sending me.


  • So we’ll copy it and paste it into the Chinese English section. We don’t need English to Chinese. So we can get rid of that and then translate it. So see what we get now? It’s put some text into separate lines and solved each cable individually. So this is or Dunne’s asynchronously. So we don’t have to wait for the entire thing to translate before.


  •  We can start looking at the result of the translation. So as you can see, it’s got a full sentence translation. And we’ve also got the Chinese sentence split up into its and individual components. So we’ve got words anybody mail ask me you see I understand Chinese and preposition. So as you notice, the pop-up also shows the part of speech.


  •  Which that word belongs to which is quite useful opinions at the top. So it’s easy to pronounce. And you can copy it if you want, okay. So you just saw if you put your mouse over the character, then it pops up with a character definition. It has all the information for that individual character and the word components. It does makeup, so we’ve got the rest of our translation.

HD Video Chat support.

QQ International is one of the most popular IM and video chat software in China. The most beautiful thing about QQ International is that. It gives global users accessibility to QQ International’s enormous Chinese community.

Chat group service.

Too many group messages? Group Assistant manages them for you. There are two ways to bring the group to your group list. As an example, your name at the clan should be from the message to join the group. Enter the category number from the”JOIN Groups” page. Then send the petition to the admins of this group by clicking on the JOIN button.

Multiple add-on support.

Some of the add-ons support and the facility to see movies of your choice! Through this application are amongst some of the extensive features. Which can you get through this app?


QQ International Download is an entirely free program. It gives you the latest information, videos, games, and language tools. You can receive all these advantages from 1 application. This program supports several languages. You can translate the conversation messages into 50 languages. There’s the best software. You’re able to boost their general expertise.

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