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Windows Live Photo Gallery Download Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free utility program from Microsoft. It is very easy to get your photos and videos from the camera. Locate your favored pictures and share them with buddies and loved ones. Make your great pictures look much better, and create panoramic pictures too. In the digital age and also the fact that you’ve access to mobile phones, of course, you’ll never miss images.


How to Windows Live Photo Gallery Download:

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery is a likable and smooth entry-level photo management system. You can download it from this site by clicking on the link above. In the window that appears, click the View tab. Here, uncheck. Confirm by clicking on Yes in the warning message window box that appears.
  • This may unhide the files that are super hidden by the system. Now supposing C the Windows partition. It navigates to C Program Files Common Files Windows Live. Cache folder) Here, you will come across many folders with arbitrary names.
  • These folders contain installers of Windows Live Essentials utilities. These installers can copy you. I don’t recommend deleting or moving the installers. Enjoy.

Features of Windows Live Photo Gallery:

  • It has a variety of tools for sharing, editing, and downloading. You can create a landscape, merge photos, slides, and organize photos in it. That’s a photo application everyone can use. You finally have an opportunity to make excellent use of the images. This kind of editing to come up along with printable pictures.
  • It’s an application that supports the export and business of the images to get a better outlook. A few of the advanced features of this tool include the sharing function. Inside the interface, you are going to have access to 3rd party integration.
  • It will allow sharing of the applications on-line even through different communication channels. You might also do slide shows and still use images as backgrounds and screensavers. This application is a picture organizer.
  • You can arrange for them that you have the name, date the sort of photos. It has an option for comparable pictures to prevent filling the memory space. The zoom in and out function may as well decrease or increase the size of the photos.
1-Photo management:
Organizing your photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery
2-Gallery view:
You can see the participants in the form of a grid pattern in the gallery view via thumbnail.
3-Add titles, rating, custom Meta tags:
In Windows Live Photo Gallery you can add tags, ratings, and metadata. You can put captions on photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery
4-Hierarchical tagging
Hierarchical tagging Windows Live Photo Gallery can handle photo tagging.
5-Supports Adobe’s XMP standard
It supports Metadata Extension (XMP) is a file tagging technology. This allows you to embed metadata into a file while creating content.
6-Geotagging and people tagging:
GEOTAGGING is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media. It includes scope and longitude. One can look for symbols that enter longitudinal and longitude focuses. in a web, crawler in a reasonable area and draw near to a particular spot. This permits you to discover close Facebook companions on your cell phone. You can make a rundown of individuals as per the area tracker.
7-Photo editing tools like color correction
Open the Windows Live Photo Gallery. You will see five tabs at the top left of the screen. Click Edit. All your images will be at the bottom of the screen, but at the top, you’ll see a lot of options for editing your images. They are dividing into four categories: ‘Management’, ‘Properties’, ‘Adjustments’ and ‘Impacts’.
8-Batch resizes photos:
  • Do I need to reduce the file size of many images at once? You Edit between photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery. Windows Live Wallpaper is free software from Microsoft. If you have Windows 7 or 8, you can download this program.
  • Open the image gallery from the left panel selects the folder containing the images. You select the thumbnails of the image you want to convert to the GPS format. To select all the images in a folder, use Ctrl A. Right-click a selection, click New Size.
  • Select a size to create a new folder to save the photo. Click Search in the Save area to select a location to save the photo. Select the folder that contains the original file, click Create a new folder. Create a new folder, click save the category of your photo. Resize the folder name, click OK, click resize and save the photo by resizing it.
  • You will now see a duplicate photo in the tab. This is because the image gallery shows all the images in the main photo. Do not worry! Your recovered photos are in the found folder. Click on the resized folder to see a smaller image.
9-Photo and video import tool:
Importing Photos and Videos is a Windows application from the creators of pic Weaver. that improves media transfer in Windows. Maps can link and capture by the operating system, there is still room for improvement. In processing this, easier and faster than local solutions.
10- Supports JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HD Photo, and GIF:
 It underpins talks about the pictures JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HD Photo, and GIF document. You can disclose to you which picture group is appropriate for which events.
Windows Live Photo Gallery Download application is a picture organizer. You can arrange for them that you have the name, date the sort of photos. It has an option for comparable pictures to prevent filling the memory space. The zoom in and out function may as well decrease or increase the size of the photos. At the exact same time. The application still supports batch processing of graphics with regards to editing.

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