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Techsmith Camtasia 2019 is the video editing and screencasting application for Windows. Camtasia 2019 is the best release and provides a lot of value add in the area of production. In other words, lots of features reinforce and you save a lot of time creating, editing and workflow.

Techsmith Camtasia 2019 New Features:

1-The Auto Volume leveling Feature:

Techsmith Camtasia 2019 uses the volume leveling audio effect. Please note that these effects work on top of your original voice recordings. Camtasia 2019 regulates your audio recording. You have a reliable level in each video project.

2-Cursor Smoothing:

Cursor Smoothing is the new feature in Camtasia 2019. It makes your cursor movements look more purposeful. With it, you can further improve the movement of your cursor in screen recording. It is a cursor effects tool. In Camtasia track, you can use it.

3-The Capability to customize shortcuts:

  • I am telling you about the capability of shortcuts. Shortcuts can help when you are working on your project and editing video. They save you time. They make the flow of things. First, I am going to share with you is the spacebar so this when you press it starts the video. It will play it and it will stop it.
  • I click the S and now it splits that little chunk of media into two. It cuts it instead of having to go here all the time. This button the split you can click the S button. Another thing that I use a lot is copying and pasting. So if I want to copy some text rather than having to go back.
  • I’ll go ctrl C for copying the text. I use the control v command to paste. The copy-paste command saves us time. For the Redo command, we press the control y button. If you need something to be like exact you can use the right up/down arrows.

4- Download Device frames:

  • Camtasia 2019 device frames are great for establishing text. And adding a level of professionalism to your videos. To add a device frame to a piece of media. Open the Visual Effects tab, and drag the Device Frame effect to a clip on the timeline.


  • The default frame is a Desktop check with a looping background video to give it a more “real-life” look. To choose a different device frame. Select an option from the dropdown or download addition device frames. It’s important to understand that all f the device frames fit a 16:9 aspect ratio. Which means they fill standard video dimensions, like 1080p and 720p.


  • If you record a shaped section of your screen. The device frame may not immediately fill a standard video canvas. This is particularly common. When recording a mobile device or full-screen footage from a MacBook. If that happens, drag the edges of the frame until they snap to the border of the canvas.


  • If you want to remove a device frame. Click the “x” in the properties panel. You delete it from the effects tray. You know the basics. Here a few tips to help you get started. If you add an animation to a clip with a device frame, the clip and the device frame animate together.


  • This is great for setting up the beginning of a video. Use the device frame to establish context. Then once the action begins, zoom in to show details If you’d rather jump from a device frame to full-screen video. Place the play head where you’d like to make the jump, then split the clip, and remove the frame.


  • This creates a natural jump from the device frame to the full-screen recording. Well, that’s all for now. If you’re looking to learn more about Camtasia, check out our tutorials on our webpage. Thanks for watching!

How to use TechSmith Camtasia 2019:

  • The Camtasia editing environment takes the kind of a track timeline. In it, some panels from those effects, clips, transitions alongside other elements. On the deadline, it is possible to place still pictures and video clips also to audio. Clip borders can transfer from one clip to another.


  • If you want alteration, you can select page rolls, blind outcomes dissolve that. Its simple glows and dragging these outcomes. I recorded myself with my webcam in front of a green display. To remove the green background. I drop a visual impact onto the clip. We use a color picker to select the background.


  • The ending result is the background disappears. Dragging and dropping out of the panel are available other types of visual impact. The Behaviors panel allows you to apply animated outcomes. The Behavior panel allows you to apply dynamic results to both video and text.


  • So that they slip out of the edge of the screen, go from top to bottom, burst into view, and so on. Animations with visual effects panels to apply visible effects. And change colors, change clip speed or remove colors.


There’s also a Library. This was 1 of your big improvements made to your last version. The Library is a panel where one can store audio and video clips. Images and callouts might have several named libraries. You can choose from a drop-down list.


  1. welcome to Techsmith Camtasia 2019 now when you bring in separate audio files. Camtasia will bring them all up to the same level. The new cursor smoothing effect will make your mouse movements clean and easy to follow.
  2. We’ve added 10 times more customizable keyboard shortcuts in Camtasia 2019. These shortcuts make it easy to personalize your workflow. For example, don’t like the default shortcut for zooming change. It has a to z theme.
  3. You can now include your own images or logos. In Camtasia built-in library for a high-quality branded video. It has consistent audio leveling cursor smoothing way more customizable keyboard shortcuts. Camtasia’s themes with logos are some of the many new features available in Camtasia 2019.
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