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LightShot Download permits you to select and take a screenshot of any place on your desktop. It has a simple interface. This software is lightweight. It makes your work with the program easier. LightShot licensed as freeware for either Personal Computer. You can edit the screenshot and you can use a custom screenshot. This is for the Mac operating system and the window operating system.

How to Download LightShot

LightShot licensed as freeware for either Personal Computer. It has the ability to work with a laptop, computer with Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating system. That is a free application that you can manage all the capture contents inside a very limited time. It’s in screen capture class and is available to most applications users as a free download. It’s 3 MB in size.

Download LightShot For Windows

Download LightShot For macOS

Features of LightShot Download:

Easy-To-Use application:

  • I’ll be showing you one of the most powerful and lightest one skin capturing tools that are Lightshot. I’m going to show its use. if you go to a text bar that you’ll be able to find this icon. if I click there as you can see this dark now I’m going to take I screen capture okay now some users of this tool are there. There is a pen tool if I choose this I can use it as a pen there.


  • there is a line tool to use this line arrow tool to use it as an arrow box tool to use as a box. if you are in any class and showing demonstration with PC. then it will help a lot and then it’s a marker to mark and then text. you can also write something in it. you can also change the colors by clicking there and choose a different one.


  • you can also undo all the things you have done and now. if I go down this is the close button this is this button to say if you click there it will save this skinship. this screenshot will be set to the default folder or flight chart on documents. this is the copy you can copy it you can also print this screenshot from here.


  • It to cloud storage ok another use of this tool is vigil measurement. On the top, as you can see 895 it is weight and 329 it is the height with pigeon measurement. okay, but it has a significant height and weight. but if you use it. you will use it with this. okay, weight and height okay. now I’m going to show you some more things clicking several times.


  • here makes your ball so what you have to do. I’m going to show right-click and go to options under the hotkeys. you’ll be able to find a button is set that is at 2. I have set it this is the button by clicking. which on your keyboard the tool will activate suppose. if I click f2 it will activate. you can change it according to yours. you can choose anyone but I recommend you to use the button.


  • You can also choose control. But at the time that you have to choose. Any other button with that you can also choose a shift. But you have to press any another key with that ok but I use f2 in my case and now if I click f2 then it will activate.


  • I can take my skin shot again and this is the way of using this awesome and the lightest one Eastern capturing tool. I have ever found on the web. you found this video.

Fast screenshot of selected area:

I’m going to show you a very nice software called light shot that lets you share um screenshots fast. This application permits you to select any area on your work part. Its screen capture with two clicks.

Share Screenshot via Internet:

you can upload the screenshot you take on the desktop screen and get its short link right away. you can also search for similar images on Google. Clicking there you can share on social networks and can also upload

Powerful editors LightShot Download:

You can alter screen captures in a split second. when taking them or later utilizing a ground-breaking on the web proofreader.

similar images search:

Another quality is to Find similar images through browsers. Select an image on your screen and find dozens of similar images.

Various platforms LightShot Download:

You can use Light Shot on various platforms like Windows/Mac, chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Baidu, etc.


LightShot Download comes along with a text editor for adding remarks. The application supports. That is a free application that you can manage all the capture contents inside a very limited time. It’s in screen capture class and is available to most applications users as a free download.

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