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The CyberLink PowerDirector Free Download 2020 for Windows is the best software. It’s super easy to use. This software specializes in all kinds of video making. This software has the innate ability to create professional videos. It provides powerful tools for creating professional videos. This software offers the choice to discover and replicate originality. It provides you matchless important transitions, forceful titles, particles, and PIP objects.


Features of CyberLink PowerDirector Free Download 2020 for Windows

Full Feature Editor:

When do you start using it? You can enjoy many useful elements. It has a powerful feature with sharp editors.

Shape Builder:

It has a variety of different style shape builder. We can use it for making beautiful titles. We use it to captioning the pictures. With the help of a shape builder tool, we can make amazing beautiful videos. In its shape Builder tool is a very professional tool.

Amazing Color Board:

  • It has a beautiful Color board. It can make text stand out or even images. You can select any text. You want you can select any cuddle color board you want to keep in mind. That when you’re actually in the edit mode with the desk clicked here makes sure the arrow. You haven’t forgotten that arrow. There to pull them out And I have to go back to media content.
  • If I want to see what’s in there. If I forget to do that when I have color board selected, and then I close it I’m not gonna see my media content. I may be like well. Where did they go what happened? So make sure when you’re done with selecting. Whatever color board you want Make sure you go back to selecting your media content. And now you can put text on the screen in PowerDirector.

Magic Movies Wizard:

Magic movie wizard is another beautiful feature. It provides convenient striking video output. Its use is very easy. Through it we use algorithms and we take the best shots from the videos. In this feature, we use specific video design and background. We choose the best music for the fabulous video output. Magic Movie Wizard is the best feature in it.

Best Action Camera Tool:

The best action camera tool is an amazing feature. The addition of an action camera tool is the most useable feature. Use of it improving the action of the camera footage.

Motion Tracking:

PowerDirector has a 360 video editing Footage Tools. It has a motion tracking feature. It chases around something to move in your video. You can use it for your own choice. This tool makes tracking an object. Through the help of it, you can give title, effect, and video clip in simple steps. This tool works well. It works easier.

3D and 4K:

It is capable of making HD 4K videos with good resolution. Through it, we can ease import, edit, and export. It has an advanced unique tool. I found it very specific and professional for video editing programs.

How to make a video with CyberLink PowerDirector Free Download 2020 for Windows:

  1. PowerDirector opens on a dialog window. With several options to start your new video project. On top select its aspect ratio between HD 16:9, the old 4:3 or the new 1:1, most suitable for Instagram and Facebook.
  2. To start working you have to import all the pictures, videos and sound files first. You can drag and drop several samples. And backgrounds from the Media Room section into the timeline. It drags your own files from your computer folders. You can also import .mov, .mxf and also 10bit HDR videos without any conversion.
  3. All the files added on the timeline. It shows as blocks called clips, with thumbnails and sound waves available. You can check these things through zooming in with your mouse wheel and holding down the CTRL-key. All visual clips collect inside rows. In it present Video Tracks and all sound files inside Audio Tracks.
  4. The Video Preview is very useful to playback and edits the content of each clip. This can work in Movie mode and in Clip mode. When you playback the project with the player? The Preview works in Movie mode, showing the Timeline content where the red play head is.
  5. PowerDirector has improved HDR video compatibility and GPU hardware acceleration. It offering a smoother preview about previous versions. You can also right-click on the Preview and adjust its Quality up to the 4K Ultra HD resolution.
  6. You can customize this effect by double-clicking on the clip in the front. Using the PiP Designer window to apply corrections. It has borders and any shadow, reflection or motion. In the case of pictures, you can also enable the Crop tool to crop it and to show what you like most from it. To apply advanced adjustments on the clip appearance and its colors. You select it and click on Fix/Enhance, checking the Preview meanwhile.
  7. With PowerDirector, you can also add text and titles to your project. When you use the Title Room section of the Navigation panel. Here you find 2D, 3D and 360° text templates you can drag and drop into the Timeline. It creates a text clip with any Video or Title Track showing text over a transparent background.


CyberLink PowerDirector Download 2020 for windows is the best video editing software. It gives the opportunity to load some templates. This gives you transitions, effects, particles, and amazing titles. It has two versions Ultra and Ultimate. In this, you can make your own video or slideshow for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. You want to render your project into a final video.

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Setup Filename
PowerDirector 18 Build 2402
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12 January 2020
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519.22 MB
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Free Trial
Operating Systems
Windows 7/Windows Vista/ XP/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
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CyberLink / PowerDirector

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