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  •  BearShare Download is a free file sharing program. Through the help of it, you can get the favorite music file. You can use to share music and video files on social media. It allows you to share your files in any of your favorite social media applications. Not at all like other identical document sharing projects.  BearShare does not allow you to data that comprises viruses.


  • Through BearShare, you can share videos and music.  In the wake of downloading and introducing the product. You will see an augmentation in your program as your toolbar. which you can use to look for documents and the sky is the limit from there.


How to BearShare Download for FREE:


  • First, you open the browser that you like. First, you type on the search bar Then you click on the link below. Open it and choose the article BearShare Download and click on the link. That is on the upper side of the page available. After this easy step runs it. And hoping this should popup be sure to select typical installation and accept okay.


  • So we can choose a different option so be sure to select Add Account to desktop and the other thing is for you. if this site likes to pop up this means that the download finished. it’s ok so close everything. now bear share you open it. It slows okay so now let you install it. you have a to sing up so sing upright break your nickname everything. you want your email to your password and confirm your password. after did all these easy steps you can use bear share and get unlimited free music.


How to Use BearShare to Download Music | People & Social Networking with BearShare:


  • One of the cool things about BearShare is the social networking aspect. If you go up here and click people, you’ll present with a page that looks like this. Here on the top left, you’ll see the information about you. You’ll see your user name. If you click edit my profile, you’ll take to a page that looks like this.


  • You may have filled-in some of this information when you first registered. But this is information about you. People can search and find you and become friends with you. If you want to add one of your friends, type in their screen name here and click the add button. If you want to look around at different people’s profiles!


  • you can come down here to search and search by different criteria for people and add them to your friend’s list. Click on a user that you want to add as a friend. There should be a button here that says add a friend. Click that and go ahead and click yes and they will become your friend. You’ll see a list of your friends here. Right now I don’t have any.


  • After this person accepts, they should show up here. You can create messages and send them to your friends here. There’s a lot of cool things you can do with BearShare. You can actually view people’s shared libraries. You can send them songs, you can send them instant messages and playlists. As I said, there’s a lot of cool different things you can do with BearShare. It’s a great peer to peer program and I hope that you’ve learned a lot today. Happy downloading!


Features of the BearShare Download:

The interface is nice and easy to use:

Good interface, simple function, and, first, the service that helps solve existing problems. It does not create new ones. And we are slow — we do not want a manual job, so we attempt to change everything. Today our service gets beta-version.

The interface is operable by a system tray icon:

A user interface that allows users to interact with applications! Using Windows, buttons, menus, icons, mouse, and keyboard!

Advanced connection features:

These customers interact with different customers around the Internet. They permit users to deliver files. That they get noted as “shared” to different users, also on download copies of files. Which other users have shared?

Configuration wizard:

  • The first question asked by the design wizard detail design or basic design.  Only one layout means. That the configuration wizard can create all layouts with default space! But more work of the bookshop system in that space. It does not fulfill.


  • So, please choose a careful design. This design needs to configure the information server step by step. Server type, database usage! Data file location, user connection number, service port, character action, services. and There are root account modes. Take a step down to change the environment for the appropriate bookstore structure.


How to Burn CDs with BearShare:

  • I’d like to talk a little about burning tracks to a CD. You can do this every with BearShare. It has a built-in CD burning capabilities. If you go down here to the bottom right and click burn, it’ll bring up the burn dialogs down at the bottom of BearShare. You can burn an entire playlist as I said before.


  • If you right-click and click burn to CD, it’ll take all the tracks from your playlist and put it down here. You can remove tracks by clicking it and click Remove from the burn list. You can also add tracks from your library by right-clicking. And clicking burn to CD, or you can also click and drag it down to the bottom here. You can arrange the order of the tracks.


  • When you’re ready to burn, make sure you have a writable CD in your burner. And make sure that audio CD selected here or that’s going to burn the MP3s to a data CD. Here you can select the drive you want to burn it to. You’re going to want to select the fastest for the speed.


  • Whenever you’re ready to burn your CD?  You go over and click the start button and BearShare will burn your tracks to a CD. Don’t forget that if you haven’t bought a track that’s yellow that you’re not going to be able to burn that to a CD.


BearShare Download is the Free Music Downloader. It allows you to download around 20 million of these newest songs and music pictures. Let’s interact with allies to get music libraries. And provide new people that share similar music pursuits. The music download is the digital transport of music via the Internet into the device. That capable of decoding and playing it!

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