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3uTools Download is a complimentary computer software application. Which enables you to manage your iOS machinery data on your PC. The data management application has the choice to jailbreak your i Device. You can take this method with one click.

How to 3uTools Download:

It’s a project for diving and jail-breaking Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone, iPad. We could take the proper firmware and supports a faster downloading rate. 3uTools is a Free Download Newest Model as Windows PC. It is a complete offline fixings installer of 3uTools.

3uTools Download Features:

Its jail-breaking innovation enables you to avoid checks and unbar more enhanced skills. You download it for Windows. It has to work on I Phones, I Pads, besides iPods. It needs you to download iTunes to operate.

What’s 3uTools?

This tool has a heart performance. It has its jail-breaking capacity for the Apple iOS apparatus. You can jump Apple’s ends and earn full charge of your plan. Within the power of that application. You can install apps. Those aren’t available on the iTunes App Store.

General Appearance

Its general appearance and accessibility and tweak its center file system. While jail-breaking isn’t prohibited. it is going to nullify the guarantee of this gadget.

Control Statement

Apart from doing jail-breaking software, 3uTools is an active data executive’s attention. It allows users to download free and straightforward iOS apps, HD wallpapers. It is possible to use this application to back up important info. We can handle your photographs, videos, music, documents.

Straightforward Installation Application

The setup procedure for 3uTools is easy as it doesn’t need any setup. But, to use the program’s various functionalities. It might improve if you served on understanding jail-breaking. The first time you begin the program, you have to connect your iOS gadget to the PC. Once combined, the device sees the game and presents a dashboard. You can include various skills.

Smooth and awesome interface

You may get 3uTools’ central roles from the inside dashboard. They can clear the following the complete connection. The cracked window shows a picture of the coupled design to some statistics. It’s reasonable to examine the shape of your plan. The iOS exception installed storage skills.

Text File

Until it has a goods type, image number, IMEI, and UDID, you click on the selection between other learning. You can notice more extra info on your device, file it in a text file.

Various Capacities

We are exhibiting the primary information of your apparatus. The tool has other tabs—everyone these joined stocks several limits to users. who crave to control or jailbreak their sign.

Acute jail-breaking device

You can work 3uTools’ many jail-breaking checks to unbar a type of sign. The users may carry real firmware slopes out demanding an Apple account. The choice also permits you to see the style where you attached your device.

A lot of Functions

The Flash Jailbreak alternative lets users access different functions of this tool. It is including the downloading firmware. With the Pro Flash tab, users may flash and trigger custom firmware.

Supports Jail Break Flash

It has a determine whether the device they are using supports jailbreak or flash. Apart from the one-click function to start the jailbreak process. The application also gives users advanced functions like SHSH backup.

Varied flashing capabilities

3uTools supplies users with different choices to flash different firmware versions. You may access the fundamental flashing function. Which only requires you to decide on the desired firmware.

Complex Parameters

It may opt for complex functionalities. So, You can configure complex parameters. It’s possible to start SSH. Meanwhile, It deploys activation and deletes invalid icons. We can check system partition dimensions and bypass base band upgrade.

All-in-one director

We are enabling users to jailbreak or flash i Devices. 3uTools supplies a collection of different attributes for superior device administration. You may use the tool to restore or backup. Your iOS apparatus has clean cache files on your desktop.

Convert Movies, Photographs

They can migrate data from 1 device to another and assess real-time logs. They kept the jail-breaking computer software program. It also allows users to make ringtones, convert movies, compress photographs. You can remove irrelevant content from it. It is simple to use and can function as an all-in-one iOS manager.

Secure Data

It performs a kind of protection means. They can create sure that your private report and data are safe. Though jail-breaking a gadget isn’t illegal. It does violate Apple’s guarantee. So, if something runs opposite during the jailbreak mode.

Device Stability

you will have to fix it yourself. Moreover, jail-breaking eliminates the device stability walls made by Apple. which implies you’ve got to be careful when downloading programs. You’re installing a program containing malware.

Is 3uTools candid?

Yes, 3uTools, together with all its features, is free to use. It is available for download on almost any Windows device running Windows 7 and above.

Can 3uTools drop the activation lock?

Many people wonder if they could use 3uTools to remove or bypass the activation lock. which appears on their iOS device. The solution is that you can unlock your device. We are using the application, but there is no choice to remove the I Cloud activation lock.

Are there any alternatives?

It doesn’t currently support the jailbreak of devices with iOS 9.1 and above. If you want to test out alternatives with some similar features. you can research i Tools for Windows, i- Fun Box for Windows.

Can I download 3uTools?

Any of the features available in 3uTools may be excellent standalone apps. They can convert the photographs and garbage cleaning. The program includes many device management tools. In case you’re looking for one or more of these capabilities, you need to download 3uTools. It is available and candid to use and also runs if your device is currently in recovery mode.


3uTools Download is an app. That makes it practicable to jailbreak different Apple devices. It works on running iOS, such as the iPhone. The program’s most crucial usefulness comes in the simple fact. It may flash distinct variations of Apple’s firmware into the telephone. Flashing tools locates the app under the “More” tab below” Firm wares.”



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