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Adobe Audition is the popular sound editor. It is a digital audio forming from Adobe Systems, containing more than one-loudness voice and motion editing. This software was created in 1990 by Robert Ellison and David Johnston. You can Adobe Audition latest version free download for windows 10, 8, 7 & XP from here.

Adobe Audition is among the best music producing software ever made. Regardless of whether you are professional music producer an amateur songs producer you have to use Adobe Audition.  This new edition of the Adobe Audition is very good. If you are a rapper or singer, the loser or the DG. You need some quality software and it’s an Adobe Audition free.

Adobe Audition Overview:

Installation of Adobe Audition 1.5.exe takes approximately 14 minutes in my IBM and I’d to restart my system. That is also quite some time. At the beginning of the setup, you are given a smart choice of audio file formats you may link to Adobe Audition. The formats mp3, WMA, CDA aren’t linked per default.

It shows and makes sense that details are cared for by Adobe. Start of the program takes about 14 seconds while loading the session that is demonstration requires about ten minutes.  That is really fast compared to loading a Tools session which may take forever sometimes.

Adobe Audition Editing: You may create no surrounded sounds. That’s an absolutely awesome feature. The feature I’ve noticed are tools that can assist you to get quality sound with no technology hardware equipment that is hi. The sample speeds – and bit rate are put to studio caliber and you will love listening to your music.

We’re going to talk about how to edit your audio in adobe audition editing. So the first thing you need to do to edit your audio is to record your clip. You can do that in many ways. You can use the clips that you get from your camera. You can use downloaded audio clips or you can do what I’ve done and just record your audio clip right here.

So you hear me say how to edit your audio and this was from a video clip that I had done and then I just brought the audio into Adobe Audition afterward and today. We’re going to go over what I do to edit my audio for my videos so it sounds a little better normally.

We’re going to come over here to our effects rack to make sure that you have your effects rack right here and we are going to click this little arrow go down to filters and EQ and the parametric equalizer and I just typically always click the presets and go down to loudness Maximized.

Which you can see adds a little bit of bass and little bit of highs and we can go ahead and actually listen to this and see how it affects it let’s turn our loop back on and then we’ll play it how to edit your audio and then we’ll turn it off and see if you guys can hear a difference.

On number two we’re going to go to amplitude and compression and then down to dynamics processing so this is always a little hard for me it’s different for a lot of Clips depending on your microphone. It actually sounds pretty good um with everything maxed out sometimes it’ll give it a really weird tone it’ll start to sound like way too processed.


Adobe Audition is a great tool mixing mastering recording works with your audio plug-ins and hardware.  Its restoration and fixing capability is unmatched in the industry fantastic stuff. Adobe Audition for scientific work and forensics work that’s the level of quality that audition brings to the table there’s some modulation response extension.

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